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5 Day Workout Routine: Split To Sculpt!

5 Day Workout Routine: Split To Sculpt!

From intensity trainers to people striving to scale up their health markers, everyone wants to follow the 5-day workout routine. Nowadays, several training routines and techniques can fit into a beginner’s workout routine or function as a body transformation workout plan. But, there is still a lot of confusion among people regarding many questions. For example, some ask which workout routine is the best for them? For how many days one needs to work out to build strength? What exercises are the best to gain muscle? Indeed, the ultimate 5-day workout split routine can answer all these questions smoothly!

If you can commit to a dedicated 5-day workout routine and keep in mind the vitality of the upper/lower split routine, the results will surely amaze you! However, if you are worried about not having the guidance of a professional trainer, do not worry! This article will help you understand how you can hit the marks of strength and muscle building just by learning the 5-day workout routine. The 5-day workout split routine targets each of your muscle groupings on separate days and offers your body the ideal recovery time. And the best part is that you can perform the 5-day workout routine even at home! You can practice it as a bodyweight workout routine or use resistance bands, free weights, etc. So, are you ready to get ripped? Then, with your ideal muscular body in mind, dive straight into understanding the superb 5-day workout routine!

What Is The 5 Day Workout Routine?

The 5-day workout split is probably the most efficient strength and endurance training routine your body can go through. You can easily tailor the 5-day workout routine as per your preferential strength training and bodybuilding goals. One thing that you can be sure of is that the 5-day split workout routine will make your muscles work in a five-day circuit. That leaves you with either 2 days of light cardio or 2 days of rest and recovery. You can pick either of them depending upon your enthusiasm and fitness aims.

The underlying idea of the 5-day workout routine is that you have to dedicate each day of your five workout days to a particular muscle group. Then, you can fix days as per muscle groups and target them in a synchronized circuit. This grouping of particular muscles together, in the 5-day workout routine, for instance, working back and core together will also allow you to have proper and significant rest days for every specific muscle group.

From one standpoint, we can say that the 5-day workout routine is easy and feasible. Because, rather than exerting your body through a full-body workout, you only work on a specific muscle group for each of the 5 days instead of working out the whole week. For example, you can hit your chest on Mondays, your arms on Tuesdays, and so on. Like this, your chest will get a recovery time of 6 days as you will work it out the next Monday. The same goes for the other muscle groupings as well. So, the 5-day split workout routine enables your body to build muscle fast along with having enough recovery time. That leaves you with both effective training and recovery time. So, this routine hits two birds with a single stone!

The Perfect 5 Day Split Workout Routine

We present you with the ultimate 5-day workout split routine. It focuses on all the major muscle groups, including your chest, back, biceps, triceps, shoulders, core, and legs. You can also pick cardio if you wish! You can have a terrific start with the 5 days split routine given below. You can alter the exercises as per your choice and convenience. If you want to work out at home, the 5-day workout routine fits in perfectly!

Don’t forget to stretch out and warm-up before every workout session. Read the 5-day workout routine for holistic muscle and strength development-

Monday- Chest and Triceps

Day 1 - Workout Routine

Give your 5-day workout routine a kickass start by targeting the chest and triceps. As per your convenience, you can use weight machines, resistance bands, free weights, etc., for the chest and triceps workout.

Complete each of the below-given exercises in 4 sets-

  • Chest press (both as an upper and lower chest workout)- 8
  • Incline dumbbell press- 10
  • Triceps pushdown- 10
  • Chest flyes- 12
  • Skull crushers- 12
  • Banded push-ups-12

Tuesday- Back and Biceps

Day 2 - Workout Routine

With full-on weight, target your back and bicep muscles on Tuesday with big biceps workouts. If, for any reason, you cannot do weights, then get a resistance band to complete the following exercises on the second day of your 5-day workout routine-

Complete each of the following exercises in 3 sets-

  • Cable rows (one of the best row variation workouts)- 10
  • Lat pulldowns- 10
  • Bent over rows- 12
  • Bicep curls- 12
  • Deadlift- 10
  • Barbell curl- 10
  • Straight arm pulldown- 10
  • Concentration curls- 12

Wednesday- Rest Day

Day 3 - Wednesday- Rest Day

It’s time for you to relax and take a day off! But, if you cannot settle for less and want to give your body attention, then do some light cardio, brisk walking, or stretching. You can also plan an ideal meal plan for weight loss and muscle gain during your off days the following week. And, to ensure full recovery, just keep in mind not to use weights.

Thursday- Shoulders and Triceps

Day 4 - Workout Routine

For Thursday, the 4th day of your 5-day workout routine, the target will be your shoulders, but you can also throw some tricep exercises. You can pick the best shoulder workouts for this day. In comparison to large muscles, the triceps generally recover fast, so it’s no biggie to work them more than once a week. However, you can skip it if you feel it’s a bit too much for your body or simply use a resistance band to keep the exercises light.

Complete each of the following exercises in 4 sets-

  • Shoulder press- 10
  • Military press- 10
  • Chest dips- 10
  • Side lateral raise or Bent-over lateral raises– 12
  • Triceps extension- 12
  • Lat raises or barbell row (pick any of the lat exercises) – 12
  • Triceps pushdown- 12
  • Reverse flyes- 12
  • Shoulder shrugs- 10

Friday- Legs and Biceps

Day 5 - Workout Routine

Save the favorite day of the week as the leg day! You can easily add the biceps workouts for the last day of your 5 days split workout routine. Just so the leg day does not become dull, adding bicep exercises is a good idea. Just like the triceps, the biceps also require less recovery time; thus, you can put them to work two times a week!

Complete each of the following exercises in 4 sets-

  • Banded squat- 10
  • Standing barbell curls- 12
  • Leg press- 10
  • Leg curls- 10
  • Calf raise- 12
  • Lying leg curls- 12
  • Banded bicep curls- 12
  • Leg extensions- 12

Saturday- Rest Day

Day 6 - Saturday- Rest Day

Enjoy your weekend as your rest and recovery day. You deserve this day off if you have completed the 5 days split workout routine with full energy! But, if you still want to give your body some level of active feel, go for some light cardio, jog, or cycling!

Sunday- Core and Cardio Day

Day 7 - Workout Routine

It’s time for you to utilize the precious Sunday as an all-important core and cardio day. So, before you hit the core, you should consider at least 30 minutes of cardio before. Of course, if you feel fresh, you can work out longer than half an hour.

Complete each of the following exercises in 3 sets, focusing on 30 minutes of cardio (You can try cycling, running, swimming, etc.)

  • Crunches- 15
  • Hanging leg raises- 12
  • Banded Russian twist- 12
  • Bicycle crunches- 12
  • Banded glute bridge- 12
  • Plank- 30 seconds
  • Side plank-30 seconds
  • Seated calf raise- 12
  • Crunches- 12

The Efficacy of The 5 Day Split Workout Routine

The best 5-day split workout schedule will let you target the muscle groups individually to deliver you the most effective level of training. The above-given 5-day split workout routine is a diligently planned program that hits your entire body muscles within a week with the highest potential and maximum capacity.

It gets even better as it provides adequate recovery time as well. Without enough recovery time, a workout schedule can fail to show effective results. This is why the 5-day workout routine is a perfect all-around schedule for gradual but noticeable growth in muscle and strength building. If you follow the plan carefully, you will understand that it works by first breaking down the muscles with weight lifting or training with resistance bands. Then the muscles need time for reparation and regrowth; this way, they get bigger and stronger.

The rest period that the 5 days workout routine offers is essential as, without the recovery phase, the muscles won’t be able to repair themselves. The 5-day split workout schedule allows every muscle group equal recovery time. For example, the chest, legs, arms all get a recovery period of 5 days. But if you follow a full-body workout routine daily, it will not allow your body to rest enough to recover itself optimally. Thus, the 5-day workout routine does not compromise the efficiency of muscle building and repair. On the contrary, it is the most potent way to grow the mass and strength of the body in sync.

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Benefits of The 5 Day Workout Routine

Along with being an all-around muscle development program, the 5 days split workout routine also has other multidimensional benefits. Let us have a quick look! A

Provides an Intensive Workout-

The 5-day workout routine maintains consistency in the workout and recovery of each muscle group. So, each muscle gets even attention on its assigned day. Hence, this workout plan ensures intensity for each muscle, allowing them to grow big and strong in sync with other muscles.

Improves Aesthetics-

The 5-day workout routine is the ultimate way to improve body aesthetics fast. It targets all muscle groups equally, giving a clean and natural look to the body.

Burns Fats and Calories Simultaneously-

The intensive training of the 5 days split workout routine also offers a simultaneous fat and calorie burn. Even if you enjoy a rest day while following the 5-day workout routine, know that you are still burning off excess fats and calories while your muscles are repairing themselves. Your metabolism will be on fire if you carefully focus on each muscle group and work out for 5 sessions per week.

Offers Flexible Workout Schedule-

Motivation comes along when you experience effective and positive changes. 5 day splits workout routine delivers you the same! It may seem like a big commitment, but it delivers surprisingly satisfying results! Also, you can mold and diversify your 5-day workout routine as per your daily schedule and convenience. For example, you can perform the 5 days split schedule either at home with bodyweight workouts using resistance bands or hit the gym and use weights.

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Precautions For The 5 Day Split Workout Routine: Things To Keep In Mind!

Let’s be honest; the 5-day workout split is pretty intense. You have to follow a disciplined schedule to hit all of the muscle exercises correctly. The split routine demands dedication where you cannot miss your workout session and be particular about the exercises.

Don’t Exert Yourself

Everyone’s body responds differently to different exercises; that is why you need to pick exercises that suit your fitness level. Though the 5-day workout routine leaves room for optimum recovery time, do not try to exert your muscles by continuing heavy workouts and cardio on your off days.

In Case of Muscle Aches, Take a Day Off

This may come to you as a surprise, but again, you need not exert your body if you have muscle ache or fatigue. You can take a day off in your 5-day workout routine but make sure you do not make it a habit and break your hard-earned consistency. You can perform light bodyweight exercises or mix up some exercises in case you want some movement and want some level of muscle activation on your day off.

Try Yoga and Stretching on Your Rest Days

This is not exactly a precaution but more of a suggestion. Doing yoga and stretching with a resistance band on your rest days can help your body heal from muscle wear and tear. In addition, it will soothingly relieve the strain.

Don’t Lose Motivation

Intensive workouts of the 5-day workout routine can also take a mental toll. Therefore, you have to stay mindful of the mental fatigue and find ways to maintain motivation. For this, you can pick exercises that suit you or join training classes with a friend, select your favorite equipment, etc. Also, set short-term goals to smash your final fitness aim!

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The Bottom Line

The best 5-day workout routine targets the entire body each week evenly. As a result, you can effectively work on the major muscle groups such as your back, core, chest, arms, and legs. In addition, you can choose a lighter or intensive workout for each muscle group as per your suitability. Even if you go for a super-intensive 5-day split routine, it will still offer you 2 full rest days each week. It will require dedication and commitment, but the 5-day workout split is the best way to build muscle and burn fat fast. So, make the 5-day workout routine your staple, and let us know your thoughts on it after giving it a try!

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