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Anjeer Dry Fruit: The Benefits Of Eating Figs

Anjeer Dry Fruit: The Benefits Of Eating Figs

Dry fruits are staple munching foods in India. All of us know how our elderlies try to feed us these nutrient-dense foods. Being among the top vegan protein sources is also one reason for the traditional desirability of dry fruits. Anjeer dry fruit or fig dry fruit is no exception to this category of highly nutritious food. Much like many other dry fruits, Anjeer is like chewy flesh with a natural sweetness. So, it is like a nutritious candy, but Anjeer benefits unfold the path to health improvement.

Besides, Anjeer dry fruit is also excellent to drive away hunger pangs. And, as figs help you stay fuller for longer, they can be a rich addition to your weight loss program. To boost the health impact of Anjeer benefits, you can pair them with other dry fruits such as raisins, almonds, cashews, and more. In addition, you can add some nuts, especially kola nuts if you want to boost your weight loss journey.

While we speak of Anjeer benefits, it is also noteworthy that the round dry fruit is available throughout the year. To enjoy Anjeer benefits with a fun twist, you can also prepare jams, sweets, and syrups with this nutritious dry fruit. So next time you hit the grocery store to shop for healthy snacks, do not miss adding Anjeer dry fruit to the cart! This said, let us now first look at the nutritious profile of fig dry fruit and then discuss its numerous health benefits.

Nutrition Profile of Anjeer Dry Fruit


The top Anjeer benefits come from its rich nutrient composition. Anjeer is round with a length of 1 to 4 inches. The fig dry fruit is yellowish-green in color with tiny crunchy seeds studded in its middle that unravel several health benefits. Below given is the nutrition content in 100 grams of fresh Anjeer dry fruit.

Nutrient/Mineral Content
Carbs 6% DV
Protein 2% DV
Calorie 74 Kcal
Fiber 12% DV
Fat 0% DV
Potassium 7% DV
Magnesium 4% DV
Calcium 3% DV
Iron 2% DV
Vitamin B6 6%
Vitamin K 4%
Vitamin A 3%
Vitamin C 3%

Top Health Benefits of Anjeer

After looking at the fantastic nutritional content, you must have got a fair idea of the cross-functional health benefits of Anjeer. Not only are they perfect to fit into a lean diet plan, but they also serve the purpose of overcoming multiple ailments naturally. The below-given information will provide you clarity for the several Anjeer benefits.

1. Anjeer Benefits People With Diabetes

Anjeer Benefits People With Diabetes

Though fig dry fruit is sweet in taste, its glycemic index value is dramatically low. So, it may fit into the diet plan for people with diabetes. In addition, the dry fruit may enable people with diabetes to regulate their absorption of sugar after meals. The Anjeer benefits for people with diabetes do not stop here, as it contains potassium and other vital minerals; it also keeps a check on insulin activity. There is also one study that says that the chlorogenic acid. So, while you try to look for various diabetes prevention methods, Anjeer may help you boost them.

2. Anjeer Benefits For Weight Loss

Anjeer Benefits For Weight Loss

As figs contain a decent amount of fiber, they may positively impact weight management and act as natural fat burners. Fiber is a vital nutrient for healthy digestion as well as reducing the potential of diabetes and even cancer. Anjeer benefits people who strive to lose weight and reduce belly fat. This is so because it can make people feel full and satiated for a few hours. Though they are full of fiber, if you consume Anjeer for weight loss, keep the quantity moderate as its calorie content is not trivial. That is why some traditional practices encourage eating Anjeer for weight gain. Therefore, the quantity of intake of the dry fruit largely depends on your fitness goals.

3. May Control Hypertension And Boost Heart Health

May Control Hypertension And Boost Heart Health

Like shilajit for heart health, Anjeer benefits people looking for home remedies to improve heart health. Fig dry fruit can correct hormonal imbalances and restrict the growth of cancer cells in some cases. As some studies show that Anjeer may reduce levels of unhealthy triglycerides, it may help regulate blood pressure and guard you against heart ailments. The presence of potent antioxidants enriches Anjeer’s benefits as they help eliminate free radicals and couple with the blood pressure regulating properties of the dry fruit. Last but not least, Anjeer can also avoid arteries blockage that may further prevent the development of coronary heart diseases.

4. Anjeer Benefits Bone Health And Treats Inflammation

Anjeer Benefits Bone Health And Treats Inflammation

Along with the antioxidant properties, the health benefits of Anjeer include its ability to fight inflammation. Did you know that you can treat pain and swelling by applying Anjeer paste to the affected area? Well, not only this, but the miraculous Anjeer paste may even prohibit the growth of surface tumors. Apart from this, regular consumption of Anjeer dry fruit can help you gain stronger bones and muscles as it contains rich minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. The high mineral content makes the dry fruit perfect for people with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

5. Anjeer Benefits Include The Solutions For Gut Issues

Anjeer Benefits Include The Solutions For Gut Issues

Anjeer can help you keep the digestive tract clean and irritation-free. In addition, due to its rich fiber content, it inhibits decent laxative properties that promote healthy bowel movement and prevent situations that cause constipation. To detoxify your gut, you can soak Anjeer overnight and eat it on an empty stomach the next morning. Also, Anjeer benefits against problems like acidity as its regular consumption can keep your system clean. All in all, fig dry fruit is excellent to keep your digestion easy and gut healthy.

Ideal Anjeer Dry Fruit Dosage

Ideal Anjeer Dry Fruit Dosage

Like ashwagandha, Anjeer also holds anti-inflammatory significance in Ayurveda. Now that the fig dry fruit is readily available in many forms, these are the prescribed dosages for Anjeer and its variants.

Anjeer Dry Fruit Powder

You can prepare Anjeer powder at home by simply crushing dry Anjeer. If not this, you can soak dry Anjeer in milk overnight and then consume it the next morning on an empty stomach. The presence of lactic acid in the milk along with the laxative properties in Anjeer, can keep constipation at bay. You can consume this Anjeer and milk combo one time a day.

Anjeer Paste

It can improve skin health as it may reduce melanin production, the culprit behind dark spots and delayed healing of the skin. Crush a little amount of Anjeer and mix it with honey. Apply the Anjeer and honey paste to the affected area for 10 minutes. It will soothe your skin and help heal broken capillaries. Apply this paste daily for effective results. Home remedies like Anjeer paste or ashwagandha for skin are best for sensitive skin.

Anjeer Capsule

If you are unable to consume raw Anjeer, you can consume one Anjeer supplement daily. Make sure you take it with lukewarm water after 20-30 minutes of your meal.

Precautions To Take Before You Consume Anjeer

Precautions To Take Before You Consume Anjeer

  • The health benefits of Anjeer are open and safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. It may also benefit women during their periods and women who have issues like PCOD or PCOS. However, it is also imperative to consult the medical practitioner before making the Anjeer diet fruit your staple.
  • It is always best to consume foods in their natural form. Taking Anjeer supplements may cause a drop in sugar levels for people with diabetes and may also interact with their ongoing medication. Therefore it is best to consume Anjeer in moderate quantities under the supervision of a medical expert.
  • Anjeer benefits the skin to a great extent; however, its raw form contains a compound known as latex that may irritate the skin of some people. Therefore, it is vital to take appropriate precautions or consult a medical professional before using it.

The Bottom Line

Anjeer dry fruit is a popular health-boosting food all over the globe. The astringent has decent sweet density and ranks low on the glycemic index. It is thus considered beneficial for people with diabetes. Anjeer also contains an impressive amount of fiber, which is why it promotes healthy digestion and keeps the gut clean, cool, and happy. All of these health benefits of Anjeer have earned it a reputable position in Ayurveda. Furthermore, Ayurveda claims that the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Anjeer can balance the Vatta and Pitta dosha of the body. If you have witnessed any of such Anjeer benefits, do share us in the comments section!


Q.1 How To Eat Anjeer In The Summers?

Ans. Take 2 Anjeer and soak them in half a mug of water. The next morning, eat the water-drenched Anjeer on an empty stomach. You can pair them up with other dry fruits or nuts. Consuming Anjeer with this method in summers may help you keep your system cool and gut clean.

Q.2 How Much Anjeer Can You Eat In A Day?

Ans. Ideally, 2-3 figs may serve the purpose of providing the health benefits of Anjeer. However, if you have any particular health condition, take medical advice from your doctor to confirm the right Anjeer dosage for you.

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