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The Unknown Benefits of Carom Seeds

The Unknown Benefits of Carom Seeds

It is inherently an Indian spice that finds its place in every Indian kitchen. As it is derived from a herb, its flavorful nature makes it a part of every Indian cuisine. Yes, we are talking about none other than ajwain or carom seeds. But, apart from the flavor and aromatic essence, there are many other carom seeds benefits that people do not know. You must have seen carom seeds in flavor-enhancing foods and daal tadkas. Pickles and curries are mostly incomplete without carom seeds. Despite its pungent smell, the benefits of carom seeds for health are innumerable. It can treat acidity and clear the digestive tract as it deals with stomach-related issues effectively.

Experts say seeds are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. That is why you must have seen people dry roast carom seeds. Like flaxseeds, the benefits of carom seeds multiply when you dry roast them and also make them easy for consumption. The major carom seeds’ benefits for health are widely acknowledged now. Let us now understand both prevalent as well as unpopular benefits of carom seeds.

Carom Seeds Benefits For Health

Like ashwagandha, carom seeds also contain anti-inflammatory properties. These anti-inflammatory properties clubbed with fiber and fatty acids present in carom seeds can counter indigestion as well as unhealthy cholesterol levels. Carom seeds benefits owe allegiance to more scientifically correct facts that you will learn by reading the below-given health benefits.

1. Provides Relief Against Indigestion And Acidity

Provides Relief Against Indigestion And Acidity

One of the most vital health benefits of carom seeds and the reason your mother never forgets to add them to your daily diet is that it keeps your stomach health optimum. Nothing disturbs our daily lives more than an upset stomach. The active enzymes in ajwain known as thymol help boost digestive functions by stimulating the release of gastric juices. To take advantage of carom seeds’ benefits for digestion, take one teaspoon of carom seeds, the same amount of cumin, add 1/2 teaspoon of ginger powder to it, and mix it well. This tonic may help you treat heartburns and gastric issues.

2. Carom Seeds May Cure Your Cold

Carom Seeds May Cure Your Cold

Another terrific carom seeds benefit involve curing a common cold at home. Carom seeds can help with nasal congestion as they may help discharge mucus easily. You simply have to heat carom seeds and jaggery in equal quantities. Taking two teaspoons of this remedy will hopefully make you feel better within a few days. It may help resolve breathing problems and other respiratory issues like bronchitis. To treat your headache, you can ground carom seeds, keep them close, and inhale frequently. It will provide you with a soothing sense that may help you overcome headaches and dizziness.

3. Carom Seeds Benefits for Wounds

Carom Seeds Benefits for Wounds

The active component known as thymol in carom seeds acts as a potent fungicide as well as germicide. You must have guessed it already! Applying a paste of grounded carom seeds can heal cuts and infected wounds. So if under any unfortunate circumstances you come across an injury, do not forget this benefit of carom seeds to rescue you.

4. Carom Seeds May Ease Tooth and Ear Pain

Carom Seeds May Ease Tooth and Ear Pain

Toothache and ear pain can be dreadful. However, just two drops of carom seed oil are enough to overcome this kind of pain fast. For instant relief, you can gargle with a mixture of salt and carom seeds in lukewarm water. Carom seed’s benefits involve fixing toothache even if you simply inhale their burning fumes. Besides this wonder, you can use this carom seeds mixture as a homemade mouthwash to take care of your oral hygiene.

5. Carom Seeds and Oma Water

Carom Seeds and Oma Water

The list of carom seeds benefits for women have a dignified position, especially under Ayurveda. Consuming carom seeds can keep the uterus as well as stomach clean. This is why it also helps women during their periods and pregnancy. Among babies, the carom seeds water or oma water can make them get rid of gas. To prepare oma water, you just need to boil two tablespoons of roasted carom seeds with water. Once it gets slightly cool, strain the mixture and drink. You can add honey if you want to enhance the taste and power of oma water. This way, carom seeds will benefit you with a healthy metabolic rate and faster weight loss.

6. Carom Seeds May Work As A Mosquito Repellant

Carom Seeds May Work As A Mosquito Repellant

Festive seasons hit us with a lot of unwelcomed insects. If you are done trying multiple mosquito repellents that always disappoint you, you can always prepare an effective one at home with carom seeds. Take some carom seeds and mix them with mustard oil. Apply this mixture on sturdy cardboard pieces and tie them in the corners of your room to get rid of mosquitos. Using carom seeds benefits against mosquitos will also fill your home with a pleasant scent.

7. Carom Seeds May Offer A Solution for Grey Hair

Solution for Grey Hair

No, it’s not a dye, but carom seeds may help stop premature greying of hair. Take benefits of carom seeds along with dry grapes, curry leaves, sugar, and 1-2 cups of water. Prepare a mixture by heating these ingredients together. If you drink this beverage daily, you may notice reduced greying of your hair.

8. Carom Seeds May Ease Arthritis Pain

Ease Arthritis Pain

One of the most outstanding health benefits of carom seeds is that they possess the ability to fight chronic joint pain. The marvelous antibiotic properties of carom seeds can combat inflammation and reduce redness and swelling. In addition to this, the anesthetic properties of carom seeds can soothe chronic pain as well as swelling. You can prepare a paste of crushed carom seeds to apply on joints or soak your joints in warm water with a handful of carom seeds.


The benefits of carom seeds are a matter of pride for Ayurveda. The tiny seeds manage to keep the digestive system in optimum condition, regularise periods and state of pregnancy among women, provide relief against gastric issues, calm chronic arthritis pain, and boost the metabolic rate, all at one place. All you need to do is consume the overnight soaked carom seeds water regularly. However, do not forget to drink it on an empty stomach.

Also, you should bear in mind to consume carom seeds water in a moderate amount. Excess consumption of carom seeds may lead to dizziness, increased heart rate, and heartburn as it produces heat in the body. Therefore it is critical that you take prior consent from your healthcare professional regarding the consumption of carom seeds. If they suit your health, do try the carom seeds remedies we recommended, and let us know about your experience in the comment section below!

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