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The Best Compound Exercises: Relevance And Tips

The Best Compound Exercises: Relevance And Tips

Building a firm base of “strength” for the entire body has many benefits for a bodybuilder, athlete, and even casual lifter. The best compound exercises enable a lifter to handle heavier weights, which ultimately paves the way for building muscle mass, improving athletic performance, and better endurance. Although isolation movements are highly regarded, especially in a beginner’s workout routine, they are totally different from the best compound exercises.

The best compound exercises, unlike isolation exercises, demand fixed coordination or balance. Therefore the best compound exercises employ multiple muscle groups, make you use more weights, and allows the body to work more functionally. In addition to this, experts believe that the best compound exercises advance larger muscle groups top work that inhibits the endocrine activity, cardiovascular performance and excites neutrality. Therefore, the best compound exercises have the potential to deliver a supreme strength training program that involves almost all the major muscle groups.

What Are The Best Compound Exercises?

As they involve multiple parts of the body, the best compound exercises exert large amounts of energy, making them super effective. Most compound exercises include at least 2-3 joints being manipulated by the surrounding muscle tissues in a simultaneous motion. So, gradually when a bodybuilder starts performing compound exercises, they get used to it while employing more joints and muscles.

Unlike isolation workouts, the best compound exercises can provide you with answers for how to reduce belly fat. As isolation exercises target specific areas of the body, their biggest disadvantage is that they are unable to shed the stubborn fat accumulated in some areas of the body. And this is where the basic difference between isolation exercises and compound workouts lies. The best compound exercises can rescue you from stubborn fat! Besides the monotonous ab exercises, you can rely on compound exercise to get rid of that fat and uneven midsection.

Isolation Exercise vs Compound Exercise

Relevance of The Best Compound exercises

Whether a split workout routine or strongman exercises, the best compound exercises find their way in every intensive workout routine. The compound exercises or compound lifts incorporate multiple exercises to target various muscle groups simultaneously. Therefore, when you level up with your training exercises, the best compound exercises may be the answer to your fitness goals and strength building. To be specific, the best compound exercises provide the following benefits-

1. The Best Compound Exercises Allow You To Train Multiple Muscles At Once

Because of greater muscle contraction, the best compound exercise can employ multiple muscles at once. This brings along the involvement of more joints. The concerted action can result in better strength, workout efficiency, and muscle growth.

2. Compound Exercises Are All About Weights

As you rely on more than one muscle group while performing some of the best compound exercises, you can go up with the weights. Loading up the weights will lead to you better strength and more muscle mass.

3. Most of The Compound Exercises Are Time-Efficient

Unlike isolation workouts, you do not have to assign time for each exercise while performing the best compound exercises. Compound exercises work on various muscles at once, discarding the need to work on muscles individually. This enables training with a time crunch!

4. The Best Compound Exercises Can Make You Lean Fast

While you swear by a lean diet, you can give a shot to the best compound exercises to ramp up your weight loss process. All the heavy lifting and working of multiple muscle groups utilize your glycogen stores that can burn more calories faster.

5. Some of The Best Compound Exercises Can Also Become An Excellent Cardio

If executed rightly, some of the best compound exercises can get your heart rate up. The reason behind this is simple; you have more than one or two muscles working together. Therefore, to keep your muscles energized, make the heart pump harder with heavy weights.

The Best Compound Exercises

We understand the urge to build a classic physique among bodybuilders. That is why from the long list of compound exercises, we have compiled some of the top compound exercises that aid muscle building across all the major muscle groups.

1. Barbell Bench Press

Top compound exercise Barbell-Bench

Being an upper-body exercise, in an upper/lower split workout routine, a barbell bench press is the most sought-after compound exercise. Its main targets are the delts, chest, and of course, triceps.

Tip- While performing this one of the best compound exercises for mass and strength building, keep your rib cage slightly elevated, keep the back slightly arched to strengthen the lower back along, and the shoulders down at the back to recruit maximal pectoral.

2. Squats

Best compound exercise Squats

Squats are the best leg extension workouts as they involve the major muscle groups of the lower body; quads and glutes. They also occur among the workouts that are capable of delivering an entire body transformation. Amazing, right? Though the main targets during this best compound exercise are glutes, thighs, and hamstrings, squats are also efficient in working the core. Therefore, people who perform bodyweight workouts at home can prefer squats as the best compound exercise.

Tip- Keep your head straight up, with a slight arch in the lower back. If you are using a bar, set it at upper traps and squat slowly to the position where the thighs become parallel to the floor.

3. Dips

Traditional compound exercise Dips

Dips are traditional compound exercises that work holistically to build strength in the shoulders, triceps, and chest. Apart from being an ideal shoulder workout, dips can take charge of building dense upper body muscles. In addition, this best compound exercise makes you work for resistance against your own body weight.

Tip- For an extensive chest flex, you can lean your torso at about 45 degrees when you perform dips. This will offer an optimum motion to the shoulders and triceps.

4. Deadlifts

Deadlift compound exercises for arms

Deadlifts are the best compound exercises for arms, lat, traps, hamstrings, and even thighs. A tremendous multipurpose exercise! It is therefore also listed among the best compound exercises for mass. What’s more? Barbell deadlifts boost strength and overall stability, making it the best compound exercise for fat loss as well.

Tip- Instead of rebounding the bar off the floor, come to a final stop while you perform deadlifts. This will encourage a forceful movement due to reduced momentum.

5. Pull-ups

Efficient compound exercise Pull-Up

Pull-ups are efficient compound exercises that target biceps, rhomboids, lats, and traps. It boosts functionality mainly for the biceps and the back, covering major areas of the body. If we keep aside the chin-ups and pull-ups argument, both help build the power of the grip. In addition, pull-ups can prove to be one of the best compound exercises for arms.

Tip- Focus on the width of your grip to stimulate various portions of the back. You can even experiment by pulling towards the upper chest, lower chest, or midsection to analyze what’s best for you. You can also try some pull-up alternatives to boost additional strength for the back.

6. Bent-Over Row

Effective exercise Bent-Over-Row

The best row exercises focus on traps, brachialis, lower back, lats and rhomboids simultaneously. They fall under the category of the best compound exercises because they are the most original and popular big-muscle moves. Somewhat like the lateral raises, rowing is also a stabilizing motion. The difference is that here you have to bend your torso for at least 70-80 degrees and activate the lats with greater form and energy.

Tip- With the bent torso, keep a slight flex in the knees to have support for the back. For optimum exertion of the lats, pull the bar up till the belly button. Then, to hit more of the upper body, pull up to the chest.

Safety Tips For The Best Compound Exercises

The best compound exercises include some risks; therefore, they require some technique precautions to prevent unnecessary injury and keep the workout safe.

  • Cooperate with a fitness trainer or trained professional while you perform the best compound exercises. This becomes particularly vital for people who are trying compound lifts for the first time. The professional can supervise your moves to ensure the right and stable technique. Ultimately, doing a compound workout with a trainer will enable you to perform the moves on your own, safely. Even when you ace the best compound exercises, it is advisable to perform them with a workout friend to observe your compound lifts.
  • If you are a beginner, seek the advice of an instructor or a fitness professional at your gym before you hit the compound exercises. They will guide you with the right amount of weights for you as per your current fitness level and future goals. A good rule of thumb is, to begin with, light weights so that you can easily hit for 10 to 15 reps in a single set.
  • If you feel stable enough, increase the weights gradually in the second or third set of your pick of the best compound exercises. Again, it’s okay to feel the heat or the burn but not to feel unstable during the movement.
  • Staying hydrated between sets is another vital tip you can follow to make the best compound exercises completely effective. In case you feel dizzy, stop the workout immediately.

The Takeaway

The best compound exercises and lifts are a strong and effective approach to maximize your gains. You can mix your workout regime to incorporate different types of compound workouts. It can also become a good strategy to introduce compound lifts in your workout exercises. Switching things up can provide you with the working of multiple muscles and save you from monotony. If you cannot execute a compound exercise properly, ask a fitness professional or trainer to assist you. They can demonstrate the right form, technique, and tips to avoid injury and prevent burnout. Once you get all of these correct, nothing can stop you from building a strong muscular body. If you have tried compound exercises, do let us know your experience and outcome in the comment section below!

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