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Best Fruits for Diabetes: List of Fruits People with Diabetics can Eat

Most suitable fruits for diabetes: list of fruits people with diabetes can eat

Is Diabetes stopping you from a sweet treat? Are you a sweet tooth diabetic and craving for something sweet and exotic? Well, keep your worries aside and get ready to give yourself a tasty and healthy sweet treat because, in this article, we will provide you with the best fruits to control diabetes. It’s a popular myth that people with diabetes cannot eat fruits when fruits can abundantly fulfill the needs of vitamins, minerals, and fiber without affecting blood sugar levels. Not only that, this tasty gift of nature can even minimize the risks of type 2 diabetes. 

However, diabetic people have to be particular about their carbohydrate intake. They are recommended to eat in portions so that they do not starve in the name of blood sugar regulation. Eating in intervals also helps to plan a balanced diet and control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. These tips will also help you to keep a check on other health issues such as blood pressure, neuropathy, weak eye-sight, inflammation, weight gain, etc. 

With this smart planning, diabetic people should also keep in mind to eat fruits in their whole and raw form. They should avoid processed sugar in fruits and be careful with Glycemic Index measures of their foods. Here are the best diabetes-friendly fruits that can be added to daily diet- 

1. Apples – The Best Diabetes-Friendly Fruits

“An apple a day keeps doctor away” is a famous saying which implies the abundant health benefits of apples. Well, this saying might be true in the case of diabetes. People with diabetes can consume a medium-sized apple to gain nutrients without impacting blood sugar levels. Apples are rich in Vitamin C and fiber. The skin of the fruit is also very nutritious and is recommended not to be peeled. Along with being helpful fruits to control diabetes, it also helps in improving heart health.

2. Berries – Healthy Fruits For Diabetes

Berries such as blueberries and strawberries are jampacked with antioxidants and fiber. Regarded as superfoods by experts, these delicious little fruits can be eaten as delicious desserts with plain non-fat yogurt and can be paired with other foods of your choice.

3. Cherries

Great for solving inflammation-related health issues; cherries are abundant with antioxidants and other essential nutrients. Their popularity with inflammation-reducing properties is what makes them fight heart diseases, and popular fruits control blood sugar levels. Diabetes patients can directly consume Frozen, dried, canned cherries, but they have to make sure there is no added sugar in them. They also help in cleaning the urinary tract inflammation and eliminate the risk of future kidney problems.

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4. Oranges – High Fiber Fruits For Diabetes

An orange contains 78% of vitamin C. This juicy and refreshing fruit also has micronutrients such as folate and potassium; these micronutrients help regulate blood pressure as well. These citrus-rich fruits, along with grapefruits and lemons, are also rich sources of fiber. Hence they help to make you feel fuller and avoid over-eating. This, in turn, has a satiating effect on diabetic people, making oranges healthy fruits for people with diabetes without affecting blood sugar levels. In the same way, they also help in weight loss and become a top fruit for 

5. Kiwi – Best Fruits For Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes

Kiwi is a fruit covered in brown fuzzy layering with bright green color with tiny black seeds embedded inside. Kiwi is famous among the assisting fruits for type 1 and type 2 diabetes as it scores less on Glycemic Index and is rich in fiber. It has great water retention properties, enabling it to steadily release glucose in the body and avoid shooting up blood sugar levels. So if you’re looking for a less sugary natural snack, hit the kitchen and prepare a refreshing Kiwi smoothie, kiwi oatmeal, etc. 

6. Peaches – Nutrition Rich Fruits For Diabetes

If you have diabetes and avoiding fruits being cautious of spiking blood sugar levels, then sit back and give yourself a summer treat with peaches. Peaches are rich in vitamin C and contain approximately 11% of the daily value nutrients required by the body. They contain various vitamins, including the divine vitamin C and A. Peaches are diabetes-friendly fruits, and one can easily whip them into a smoothie or a refreshing iced tea.

7. Apricots

Apricot is another summery fruit included in the list of diabetes-friendly fruits. They are abundant in vitamin A and fiber. Having a few apricots with making your appetite satisfied, along with adding sufficient daily value to your meal. Dried apricots are also a great snack to munch on but in limited quantities. The dried form provides more carbs than the fruity form. Dried apricots even contain copper and are a rich source of vitamins A and E. Besides eating them raw, you can top them up with several dishes as a garnishing element as well. In both forms, apricots are nutrition-rich fruits for people with diabetes.

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8. Pears – Fruits To Control Blood Sugar Levels

Many studies have indicated that pears are fruits that help people to control their diabetes. Like the other fruits in this list, Pears measure low on the Glycemic Index and do not shoot up blood glucose levels. Unlike other fruits, they improve in texture and taste after they are riped. It is recommended not to refrigerate them and keep them at room temperature. Then you are all set to slice them up or enjoy them with other fruits by preparing a fruit salad.

9. Avocado – Low Sugar Fruits For Diabetes

Avocados may sound fancy because of them being expensive, but it is all worth it. Being someone who cannot eat sweets without being cautious can be challenging. Avocados, with all their benefits, have very little sugar in them. However, along with sugar, they also contain monosaturated fats, which help you stay satiated for long. Just remove the pit, mash the avocado, and enjoy a healthy snack by adding some lime juice and herbs.

10. Watermelon

Who doesn’t love sweet and juicy watermelon in hot and bright summer? Being rich in iron and other vital nutrients, Watermelon is a water-rich and low sugar fruit. It may taste sweet, but watermelon’s natural sugar content is low, making it a suitable sweet treat fruit people with diabetes. Watermelons are satiating as well, making one feel fuller for longer. Grab a jar and whip up a minty watermelon smoothie now!

11. Grapes

These little fruits come in color black and green. Like the other fruits in the list, they have abundant nutritional value and are regarded as powerful plant components beneficial for health. They are rated low on the Glycemic Index and thus recommended safe for consumption for people with diabetes. According to some experts, they do not spike up blood sugar levels and are even said to reduce the risks of type 2 diabetes.

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12. Bananas – Energy-Rich Fruits For Diabetes

Bananas contain sugar and carbohydrates, but they are rated low on the Glycemic Index because of their rich fiber content. Hence they can be eaten by people with diabetes but in moderation. They give an energy boost to the body and have a satiating effect. Bananas are one such fruit for people with diabetes, which they can take in a fruit salad or a smoothie; however, people with diabetes should not add any additional sugar. 

Fruits are a must for everyone. They should be included in the daily diet of people with diabetes. Moreover, like vegetables, fruits offer a variety of options along with several nutrients. Thus they actually are a gift of nature being easily available. People who are not habitual of eating fruits may seriously lack vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and fiber. This is because other foods cannot fulfill the void of these nutrients as fruits do. Fruits for people with diabetes fill the gap of these nutrients in the body and are very necessary. 

Fruits have high carb content; hence it is crucial to be cautious of the portion intake. When it comes to fruits for people with diabetes, the portion size depends on the body’s sugar levels and other particular health aspects. Hence customization is vital for diet planning and incorporation of fruits for people with diabetes. Diabetic people should consult their doctor or health professional for a proper and suitable diet plan which should keep blood sugar levels in control.

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