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Best Height Increase Exercises To Do After 20s

Best Height Increase Exercises After Your 20s

A decent height increase exercise completes the daily workout routine. This is so because no one can escape the fact that a good height has its advantages and brings many opportunities. As height plays a significant role in building a charming personality, height increase exercises gain importance automatically. While desperate people often go for drugs to increase height fast, they are unaware that side effects of such medicines may backfire on their fitness. Ashwagandha for height increase, however, is a wise option to gain height steadily but naturally. Other than this, there are a couple of therapies that people opt for to increase their height. But, these expensive therapies are not promising to seek effective results. Thus, height increase exercises by far remain the most reliable and natural way to improve height.

Health experts suggest that the most effective way to grow height after 20 is to focus on a nutrition-rich diet and exercises to increase height. A lean diet plan and exercises for height increase will trigger the growth hormones rightly, ultimately making you taller than before. Thus, you can experience practical and positive changes in your growth if you balance both diet and workout in accordance with the individual health and fitness goals. In addition, if you have genetic issues related to height and did not get taller after the completion of your puberty phase, you still have a chance to get taller in your 20s. The best exercises to increase height may help you beat these constraints and get you inches closer to your goal!

Effective Exercises To Increase Height

Either you focus on a body transformation workout plan or opt for a beginner’s workout routine, these exercises for height increase will fit perfectly into your daily routine. To get the most out of these height increase exercises, do them 2-3 times a week. Don’t exert yourself initially as it may cause injury or strain. That said, let us now jump to learn the most effective exercises to increase height-

1. Bar Hanging Exercise

Bar Hanging Exercise To Increase Height

Bar hanging has a reputable status among the best exercises to increase height. Stimulating multiple upper body muscle and stretching the spine, it enhances the endurance of your arms. It is also an excellent workout to shape and tone your body. This toning and shaping is the main driving force of this exercise that can make you gain a few inches to look taller. It is a suitable exercise to add to the upper/lower split workout routine.

To perform bar hanging exercise, get onto a sturdy bar a few inches above your head but reachable for your hands. Grab the bar with your palms facing out. Then all you have to do is allow gravity to pull your body. You have to hang for 20 seconds and repeat the process at least 3 times to execute this exercise to increase height.

2. Pelvic Shifts

Pelvic Shifts - Exercises for Height Increase

This exercise to increase height looks similar to bridges. It is a straightforward workout that stretches your body up and down through the spine and hips. You simply need to lie down on your back with your knees bent to execute the pelvic shifts. Then try to bring your feet near to the hips by lifting up the torso. Finally, form an arch with your back to give an upward thrust to your pelvis. Hold this pose for 20-30 seconds, then keeping the back straight breathe out as you bring your hips back to the floor.

3. Swimming

Swimming - Best Height Increase Exercises

You must have noticed that athletic swimmers are mostly tall. That is because swimming for an hour or two daily can increase height quite rapidly. If you can swim, then rely on swimming as the best exercise to increase height. It will enable your arms and legs to stretch to the fullest, thereby making your muscles grow. Swim for 5 days and do breaststroke to observe a fast and effective increase in your height.

4. Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose an exercise to increase height

Cobra pose is basically a yoga pose that you can perform as an exercise to increase height. The mechanism behind targeting height with this asana is that it stretches the spine and promotes cartilage growth between vertebrae. This enhances your vertical length or height. To practice this pose, you have to first lie down on your stomach. Next, your palms should be flat under the shoulders while you form an arch with your spine by lifting the head up at an elevated angle. Stretch the arch for 10-30 seconds and repeat this pose 3-4 times.

5. Forward Spine Stretch

Forward Spine Stretch - Effective exercise to increase height

Spine stretch with a forward incline is another effective exercise to increase height and improve overall body flexibility. Again, it is a decent exercise to perform after an intensive training session. With your legs stretched in front of you, keep them shoulder-width apart. Then gradually bend your head, shoulders and stretch them forward parallel to your legs. Keep your spine flexed to the maximum extent and try to touch the toes. This movement is excellent to offer simulation to various muscles at once. You may find it difficult to execute initially, but you will surely get it right with regular practice!

6. Leg Hops

Leg Hops - Best Exercises for Height Growth

It’s time to dance on one leg! Yes, leg hop is a fun exercise to increase height. You can do it in your drawing room while watching TV without any workout setup. You simply need to hop on both legs 8 times each. Your hands should be pointing up while you hop on a single leg. This bouncing exercise to increase height also strengthens cognitive abilities and promoting growth hormones.

7. Alternate Leg Kick

Alternate Leg Kick - Best workout for height growth

Exercises to increase height should not neglect the thigh muscles as much body strength depends on thighs. You can take the straight leg up as a leg extension workout that focuses on developing body mass along with boosting height growth. It is an extremely easy workout where you just need to lie down on your stomach. Then, stretch out one arm with the palm facing the floor. At the same time, raise your left leg off the ground with the knee absolutely straight. Hold this pose for a little while. Then, after some rest, repeat the process with the other arm and leg.

8. Pilates Roll Over

Pilates Roll Over - Best height boosting exercise

It is a terrific exercise to increase height as it stretches the spine and elongates the vertebrae. However, many people find it challenging as it demands a great deal of strength and flexibility. To perform pilates rollover, you need to lie down on your back with the arms rested on each side and palms facing down. Then keeping the legs stiff together, bring them up, pointing towards the ceiling, and then bend them over above your head. Your toes should be touching the floor above your head so that your spine stretches optimally.

9. Skipping

Skipping - most effective exercises to increase height

In your childhood, elderly people must have suggested skipping rope as the best exercise to increase height. Well, they were right! Skipping rope is all about jumping, and jumping activates your entire body muscles in one go. It focuses on the streamlined growth of muscles and evenly distributes fat in the body. All you need is a strong and flexible rope and get on the floor to do skipping!

10. Dry Swimming

Dry Swimming - Exercise to gain height

It is a much-preferred exercise to increase height. It involves alternate leg and hand pairs to accomplish the movement. It teams up right arm with left leg and left arm with right leg while you lie in a prone pose and switching both the pairs turn by turn. You have to stretch your arms and legs as much as you can. And just like that, you will find yourself imitating swimming on the ground while you strive to gain height.


The best exercises to increase height we discussed will be effective if done regularly with the right form and technique. In addition, they will boost immunity and facilitate body growth if paired with a balanced diet and optimum nutrition. However, whether for height increase or to reduce belly fat, it is also important to note that any kind of exercise should slide into your daily routine only after the confirmation of a medical practitioner or professional trainer.

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