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Triceps Workouts At Home – Try Terrific Triceps Exercises

Try These Terrific Triceps Workouts At Home!

When you start with bodybuilding, from day one, you start dreaming of big muscles and sculpted cuts. So, the initial exercises most bodybuilders strive for are the evergreen big biceps workouts. Well, it is not entirely wrong to aspire for an Arnold-like physique in your fresh gym days; you must know the importance of all body workouts, including some of the best tricep exercises. For both muscle gain and aesthetics, triceps workouts are necessary.

Why Perform Triceps Workouts At Home?

You can think of your triceps as monsters with three heads that pop out your arms. Many people who do not go to the gym avoid triceps workouts at home. The major reason behind this is the posterior location of the triceps. The triceps have three parts, namely the long head, lateral head, and medial head. Meaning you cannot easily see your triceps as your biceps. However, triceps workouts at home become essential as the muscle sums up for almost two-thirds of your upper arm. Like the lower chest workouts, add the triceps exercises to your regular workout routine once you start gaining muscle and stamina. Thus, working on triceps, the same as exercising biceps, will make you witness extraordinary muscle mass building.

The best triceps workouts at home will always allow you for the right muscle contraction. However, do not forget that the reps you do while working on the triceps must build tension in your tris and flex them a lot, whether you lockout or straighten your elbows. There are plenty of exercises to train your triceps, but you have to choose those that hit all the muscle fibers from different angles. So, let’s break down some of the best triceps exercises to do at home and put those arms at work!

The Best Tricep Workouts For Home

While your trainer knows the best for you, some triceps workouts tend to show better results. Movements that place your arm relative to the torso can allow different levels of tricep muscle stretches. This adds appropriate pauses in the peak and middle of reps and enables you to have various contraction phases.

But, instead of doing similar exercises, choose combinations of the best triceps workouts to focus on all the different heads of the triceps. Although some of the ultimate beginner’s workout plans may not have rigorous triceps exercises initially, later, when you gain enough stamina and endurance, you can satisfactorily perform these effective triceps workouts at home. The best tricep workouts at home include the following triceps exercises-

1. Diamond Push-Ups

Diamond Push-Up - Best Triceps Workouts

As the name suggests, this best triceps workout at home will give you diamond-like cuts! The diamond push-ups are presumably the most arduous triceps exercise you can try at home or the gym. However, the rigorous workout does not let your sweat go in vain and is one of the best tricep workouts to ace the shape of arms. Diamond push-ups indeed demand incredible upper body strength and make your knees work up till your toes.

Follow these simple steps to ace the technique of Diamond Push-ups-

  • Start the exercise by placing the hands on the floor right under the chest. Then, with a spread of fingers and forefingers touching, try to form a diamond shape with your hands on the ground.
  • Keep the legs straight in a plank position or straighten the knees on the floor to follow a simpler version.
  • While pushing up, ensure that your back is flat and your abs are at work as you bend the elbows. Lower till the chin or until the chest reaches the floor. If not this much, try to go as below as possible. You will gradually build the strength to lower yourself significantly.
  • When you reach the climax of the movement, keep your elbows close to your sides.
  • Push yourself to start again, and do not forget to keep the torso tight.
  • Repeat the movement for 1-3 sets of 8-16 reps.

2. Tricep Dips

Tricep Dips - Best triceps workouts at home

Triceps dips also top the list of the best tricep workouts at home and are a toughie if you cannot get the technique right. To make this exercise more manageable for you, we suggest that you have to bend the knee. At the same time, if you extend your feet, the exercise will get intensified. You can even add triceps dips into your at-home bodyweight workout routine.

There are brownie points for this best triceps workout at home that will allow you to move safely. The primary ones include keeping the hips close to the bench or chair to avoid strain on the shoulders. And for this, you have to remember keeping shoulders down and at a distance from the ears. Avoid this triceps exercise if you feel discomfort in the shoulders, and consult the trainer before you go for it.

Execute the Triceps Dips With the Below-Given Approach- 

  • Relax on a bench or a chair with hands outside hips keeping the hands outside hips and legs extended or knees bent.
  • Lift yourself up with the strength of your hands while you keep the hips close to the bench or chair. Bend the elbows simultaneously as you go down till 90 degrees.
  • Now, engage your abs, keeping the shoulders down, and elbows pointed behind.
  • Start again and repeat for 1-3 sets of 8-16 reps.
  • Withdraw this exercise from your best triceps workouts at home if you feel any pain in your shoulders.

3. Tricep Kickbacks

Tricep Kickbacks - Most effective tricep workout for home

Another most effective tricep workout for home is tricep kickbacks. In terms of functionality, it can give tough competition to diamond push-ups. According to a study, it provides about 88% of muscle activation.

It is challenging to move your body weight up down as you lean forward against gravity. The base rule of this tricep exercise is to use shoulders to support the upper arm that allows the forearm to reach behind you. In case you feel your elbow is gliding down, pick a lighter to have a good form.

Follow these viable steps to perform tricep kickbacks correctly-

  • Place the right foot on a solid platform, keeping the right forearm on the thigh to gain back support. You can also allow the arm to fall immediately below the shoulder.
  • Grab a weight in the left hand and till your torso, pull the elbow up.
  • Keeping the elbow over there, extend the arm behind you, focusing on contracting the triceps muscle.
  • Take the forearm down at around 90 degrees.
  • Repeat this tricep workout for 1-3 sets of 8-16 reps.
  • Concentrate on keeping the upper arms still and fixed against the body throughout this tricep exercise.

4. Overhead Triceps Extensions

Overhead Triceps Extensions - Best tricep exercise

Offering about 76% of muscle activation for the arms, overhead triceps extensions is another best triceps workout you can do at home. You have to be careful with your arms and keep them next to your ears while you lower the weight from behind. The contractions of the abs will ensure your back does not keep arching.

As per your preference, you can perform this best tricep workout at home, either standing or seated. But don’t confuse the seating version as an easier tricep workout. It will be even more arduous if you try this best tricep workout at home in a seating position. On the other hand, if you try it at the gym, you will probably need an exercise ball that adds core strength to the tricep exercise.

Follow these instructions to perform this chest and triceps workout at home-

  • Stand or Sit to perform this tricep exercise. You can sit on a bench, chair, or ball but have to keep the back straight.
  • Hold manageable weights in both hands and then extend them up overhead.
  • Make sure your biceps are near to your ears and elbows are facing ahead when you lower the weights behind your head. Then, go on till your elbows are at about 90 degrees angle.
  • Keep the arms absolutely straight while you contract the triceps.
  • Repeat the 1-3 sets tricep exercise of 8-16 reps.
  • Avoid arching back as you keep the abs at work through the entire tricep workout.

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5. Lying Triceps Extensions

Lying Triceps Extensions

It’s time to lie down! No, not to relax, but to perform this chest and triceps workout at home with dumbbells. Famously known as skull crushers, this tricep elicits muscles activation significantly. However, it is much more challenging in comparison to a number of tricep workouts at home. While this may not be satisfying for the beastly bodybuilders, beginners’ workout routine can have this one on the list. In addition, lying triceps extensions will yield better results if your approach tackles different muscles with great intensity to obtain stronger biceps.

Learn to perform lying triceps extensions with these steps- 

  • Lie down the floor or on a bench, then keeping about a shoulder distance in hands, hold a dumbbell in each hand.
  • Now slowly extend the weight up, taking it over your head with palms facing out and thumbs close to fingers.
  • Your elbows should be bending now with the weights low till the elbows reach about a 90-degree angle.
  • Then, finally, without locking the joints, press the triceps to straighten the arms.
  • Do 1-3 sets of 8-16 reps.

6. Rope Pushdowns

Rope Pushdowns

To perform this tricep workout at home, you need a rope or a cable machine. However, you can elicit a wholesome amount of muscle activation with rope pushdowns. The basic principle of this tricep exercise is to spread the rope below to ramp up the strength of the tricep muscles.

If you do not have a cable machine to perform this tricep workout at home, you can use a resistance band also. You simply need to attach the resistance band at the top of a door, and about halfway down, tie a knot on the band.

Master the Rope Pushdowns following these steps- 

  • With the cable machine or the resistance band or rope, grab the rope carefully from the knotted ends.
  • Start the workout keeping elbows bent at 90 degrees and near to the torso.
  • Now, extending the arms, take the hands below to the ground as you spread the rope/cable a bit out on both sides while contracting the triceps.
  • Then finally, take your arms back to the initial position.
  • Repeat this tricep workout for 1-3 sets of 8-16 reps.

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Muscle building is a game of intensity and dedication. You cannot miss out on any body part if you want to become a bodybuilder. When it comes to triceps workouts, follow the same principles with power and discipline. Undoubtedly the hard work will make you witness godly muscular arms and biceps in an entirety. Also, with a perfect workout routine, do not miss out on the perfect bodybuilding diet for beginners, as fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. While these triceps exercises suit mostly all types of people, you follow these outstanding triceps workouts at home, do not forget to consult your health or fitness trainer for proper guidance that avoids your health and fitness being at stake.

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