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Big Biceps Workout: Exercises and Tips For Bigger Biceps

Big Biceps Workout: Exercises and Tips For Bigger Biceps

Big Biceps are attractive and indicate strength in males. But, the biceps workout may insist on building of highlight biceps alone. Brachii are the two big-headed muscles that flaunt the shape of the upper arms. However, brachialis and brachioradialis muscles also contribute to flexing the hard work during biceps workouts. They add size, shape the pipes, and make arm muscles appear bigger. The exercise for the two completes the biceps workout routine.

Brachioradialis is mainly responsible for that muscle bulge that erupts after a few weeks of exercises for big biceps. At the same time, Brachii biceps involve the lifting and pulling of the arms. Thus the biceps are critical for mobility. But, the biceps workout for mass and strength can enhance metabolism and endurance, reduce arm fat fast and even reduce injury or muscle pull. Let us now discuss some of the top exercises for bigger biceps.

Biceps Workout

The top and most famous bicep workout is the lifting and curling of weight up to the shoulder. To complete the bicep workouts for mass and size, choose weights that allow you to continue repetitions for 12-15 times of each exercise in the right manner. It is better to start slow with the biceps workout. Go easy, and do one set of each bicep exercise every alternate day. The following exercises help the bicep workout schedule stay regular and effective.

1. Concentration Curls

Concentration Curls - Best Biceps Workout

Mostly, all people aspiring for bicep bulk focus on this exercise, to begin with, their bicep workout routine. Experts say this exercise activates muscle in the best way possible. It has also bagged the credit for being the most effective bicep workout for mass and size. Follow the below-given steps to perform concentration curls.

  • Sit on a flat bench with wide legs. Try to make a V shape with your legs.
  • Grab a dumbbell with one hand and then slightly bend forward.
  • Pull upwards and rest the other hand on your thigh to stay stable.
  • Try to keep your upper body straight, curl the weight up to your shoulder.
  • While lifting, turn the wrist and finish the curl with your palm towards your shoulder.
  • Take a moment to feel the power in your bicep and then gradually lower the weight.
  • Don’t keep it on the floor until you have completed the repetitions.
  • Once you are done 12-15 times with the first arm, repeat the same with the other one.

2. Cable Curls

Cable Curls - Best Exercise for Big Biceps

A good bicep mass workout requires variation in the bicep workout routine. This is why cable curls are a versatile bicep exercise that one can perform in various ways. For example, one can perform this bicep exercise with a pulley machine with a handle. Also, tie one end on something solid and sturdy in case you are using a resistance band. Follow the below-given steps to follow this flexible bicep workout.

  • Grab the cable handle and stand a few steps away from the pulley machine.
  • Your back should face the pulley machine, and your elbow should rest on your side.
  • Place one foot opposite to the curling hand. Place this foot a little ahead of the other foot for better balance.
  • Gradually up your arm while you bring your palm towards the shoulder.
  • Hold the curl and feel the effort in your bicep.
  • Perform this 12-15 times and do the same with the other hand.

3. Barbell Curl

Barbell Curl - Classic Bicep Workout

This is a classic bicep workout to build mass and strength for arms. To perform barbell curls, you should keep the back straight and avoid much body movement. To add this one to the bicep workout routine, we would suggest you picking lighter weights initially. Follow the below-given steps to do this bicep workout correctly.

  • Stand firm on the ground for at least a shoulder-width apart.
  • Then, with the palms facing out, grip the barbell in your arms at your side.
  • Next, pull the barbell up towards the chest while you breathe out. During this step, you have to keep your chest stiff while your arms do the bicep workout.
  • Stay in this position for a few seconds, then gradually lower the barbell to the initial position.
  • Repeat the process of this bicep workout with both hands.

4. Chinups For Big Biceps Workout

Chinups For Big Biceps Workout

A sturdy and solid bar is necessary to perform chin-ups and complete an impactful bicep workout. The bar should be high enough from the ground that you can extend your arms and then lift and pull yourselves upwards and come back down without much difficulty. Follow the below-given steps to perform chin-ups and grow bigger biceps-

  • Stand beneath the chin-up bar and extend your arms to grab the rod.
  • Try to reach out and make sure your hands are facing you.
  • Hold the bar with a tight grip of both hands. You may have to jump to grab the bar.
  • To have a firm grip on the bar, wrap your thumbs around it. Keep your body steady and cross your legs to ensure stability.
  • Bend your elbows, pull your body up and exhale slowly during this step.
  • Focus on your biceps while pulling yourself up and keep the elbows in front. Pull till your chin meets the bar.
  • Hold the position, then gradually lower yourself to the initial position before repeating the bicep workout.

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Table: Bicep Workout Chart

Bicep Workout Equipment Sets Repetition Rest
Hammer Curl 4 12 90 Seconds
Cable Bicep Curls Straight bar attachment and adjustable cable machine 3 12 90 Seconds
Dumbell Preacher Curl Preacher Bench and Dumbells 2 12 90 Seconds
Barbell Biceps Curl Barbell 4 8 90 seconds
Seated Dumbell Bicep Curls Bench and Dumbells 3 10 90 seconds

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Big Biceps Workout Tips

As we have mentioned, muscle curls are the best bicep workouts that give out the most effective results. But, as they say, patience is the fundamental rule for success! So, the most important tip is to stay consistent with the bicep workout routine. The following tips will help you stay motivated and work out for bigger biceps efficiently.

  • Start working for smaller muscles first to gain biceps. Small muscles stimulate the elbow flexors, though they may take time to respond. However, they increase the total muscle recruitment after a while of following the bicep workout routine.
  • Keep variation in the bicep workout routine. Muscles do not grow if they follow the same activity. The regularity of stress on muscles ensures muscle recruitment gaining bicep size and strength.
  • Adding supplements, especially protein shakes, can significantly boost your bicep-building workout game. Utsaha plant protein by Nature Sutra is one high-quality plant protein that almost every individual can use.
  • In case you have a size difference between the two biceps, you need to understand two bicep workout variables: Volume and Frequency. Try to add extra sets of dumbbell sets or curls for the smaller bicep. Or keep extra days of bicep workouts for your smaller arm.


Exercises and workout routine that targets the muscles are essential to build bigger biceps fast. Bicep muscles should be put at work at least 2-3 times a week to witness effective results. Include more sets and repetitions of exercises that work for you into your bicep workout routine. They will build strength and endurance as well, making you work out for the biceps even more frequently. However, for a complete bicep workout, make sure you also add exercises focusing on the chest, legs, back, and core. In addition to this, targeted exercises such as bicep workouts require a nutrient-rich diet with carbs, protein, calories, fiber, and healthy fats to aid strength and growth.

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