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Body Transformation Workout Plan For Women

Body Transformation Workout Plan For Women

Let’s go with vigor for entire body transformation, ladies! ‘But how’ must be the question popping in your mind right now. There are plenty of workout plans for women that ensure to give out promising results. This article will discuss the workout routine for women, which suits all but could be a little intense. But, if you want a toned and sculpted body, this will all be worth it!

Before we begin with it, all the females out there must know that it takes at least 3 weeks of consistency of women’s workout plan and nutrition to ramp up metabolism. So, staying positive and motivated is the key to be patient for the body transformation. Also, following a meal plan for weight loss and muscle gain can help ramp up body transformation for women. The workout routine for women in this article may become your best buddy to train you and get your body goals on track! It covers the basics such as cardio, strength building, and muscle recovery, all in a single workout routine for women.

Body Transformation Plan

To follow the workout plan for women, you have to keep a check on a workout calendar. It is crucial to add cardio days and strengthening exercises wisely into the body transformation routine. If adjustable, add a warm-up as well as cool-down time into the daily women’s workout routine.

The Role of Cardio In Workout Plan For Women

We can split the cardio workouts into two parts: Steady (longer) cardio and interval cardio. At the beginning of the women’s body transformation program, cardio can be a little ough on you. But, do not get discouraged and push yourself to achieve the daily cardio goals you set for yourself.

You can set convenient goals according to your daily schedule. For instance, on weekends you can take long walks, jog long distances, go cycling or swimming. This will enhance endurance and make you more active for the rest of the coming days. During the rest of the week, you can burn calories in interval cardio. In addition, you can use cardio equipment such as an elliptical, bike, or rover.

Strength Training Women Workouts

Strength Training Women Workouts

Strength training sessions are intense and not at all the same as cardio. This is why you need to add them separately into the women’s body transformation program. Adding dedicated motion for both the upper and lower body can contribute to the maintenance of heart rate as well. The increased heart rate induces weight loss, keeps every muscle at work, and makes you understand how to increase stamina.

Doing 12-15 repetitions of each exercise and then rest for a few seconds. Do not forget to use weights for strength training exercises to fatigue the muscles and focus on body toning. Weight training sessions in the workout plan for women should last for 45 minutes to be effective enough. These sessions should also incorporate supersets, meaning back-to-back repetitions. Some of the strength workout exercises are given below-

Dumbbell Press Squat

Dumbbell Press Squat Body Transformation Workout Plan For Women

Targets: Quads, glutes, hamstrings, and shoulders.

Steps– Stand firm on the floor with hip-width apart, hold a dumbbell in both the hands at shoulder height and the palms facing forward.

  • Do a squat, extend both the arms above the head, then stand up, and lower the arms like the initial position.
  • Repeat the steps.

Ball Push-Up

Ball Push-Up Workout By Woman

Target: Triceps, chest, abs, and shoulders

Steps– Get ready in a push-up position, with hands at least shoulder-width away on a stability ball, keep the back straight and pull in the abs.

  • Lean the chest toward the ball, and point the elbows out. Now, keep the abs tight and make sure the head is aligned with the hips.
  • Push back to the initial position and repeat the steps.

Dynamic Lunge

Dynamic Lunge Body Transformation Workout Plan For Women

Target: Hamstrings, quads, and glutes

Steps– Take a position with parallel feet, a shoulder distance away. Hold dumbbells at both of your sides.

  • Lean forward with the right leg, bend the right knee at 90 degrees, and bringing the left knee closer to the ground.
  • With this position, energetically push off the right foot and return to the initial position.
  • Repeat by switching the legs.

Opposite Arm/Leg Lift

Opposite Arm/Leg Lift Workout

Target: Back, abs, and glutes

Steps– Get on a stability ball with facedown. Position the hands and toes so that they touch the floor.

  • Tighten the abs and glutes, and simultaneously lift your left arm and right leg.
  • Keep switching the leg and arms to repeat.


Step-up Workout for Woman

Target: Quads and glutes

Steps– Place the right foot on a bench or a step (a solid platform that is slightly above the individual’s knee height).

  • Straighten the leg pushing through the right heel. Bring your left leg toward the right and try not your left foot to touch the step.
  • Lower your left foot towards the floor without but do not touch. Then, straighten the right leg again.
  • Do 12 to 15 reps and keep switching the sides.

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Sample Women Workout Plan

Sample Women Workout Plan - Body Transformation Workout Plan For Women gif


Monday- Leg Day

  • Leg Extension- 15+15 superset
  • Leg Curl- 15+15 superset
  • Wide Leg Press- 20 x 4 superset
  • Shoulder width machine squat- 20 x 4 superset
  • Narrow stance squat- 4 x 15 superset
  • Stiff Legs- 4 x 15 superset

Tuesday- Shoulders, Chest and Triceps-

  • Side Lateral Raise- 4 x 12 superset
  • Arm Dumbell Shoulder Press- 4 x 12 superset
  • Incline Press- 5 x 15 superset
  • Pushdowns- 4 x 15 superset
  • Bench Dips- 4 x 12 superset

Wednesday- Biceps, and Back

  • Wide-Grip Pulldowns- 5 x 12 superset
  • Cable Row- 4 x 15 superset
  • Hyper Extensions- 4 x 20 superset
  • Preacher Curls- 5 x 15 superset
  • Incline Dumbbell Curls- 5 x 12 superset

Thursday- Quads

  • Leg Extensions- 4 x 12 superset
  • Weighted Reverse Barbell Lunge- 4 x 12 superset
  • Dumbbell Narrow Squats- 4 x 15 superset
  • Shoulder-Width Squat- 4 x 12 superset

Friday- Butt, and Chest

  • Incline Fly- 4 x 15 superset
  • Incline Press- 4 x 10 superset
  • Butt Machine- 4 x 15 superset
  • Stability Ball Butt Rise- 4 x 15 superset
  • Sumo Squats With Weight- 4 x 15 superset
  • Cable Butt Kick Backs- 4 x 15 superset

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Summing Up!

Women have different bodies than men and require specifically designed body transformation workout plans. However, it is a common misconception that strength and weight training make women bulky and masculine. Not at all! According to a particular body, cardio and strength training can show the best results if used correctly together. You can consult a professional trainer to seek the correct advice for your body needs. If you have any physical or medical impediments, this consultation does not remain a choice but becomes a necessity. Many workout plans for women are now available online as well. If you wish to start on your own, you can follow the above-given workout plan for women and witness the mind-blowing transformation!

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