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Why And How To Consume Green Tea? Benefits, Right Time, And Side Effects

Why And How To Consume Green Tea? Benefits, Right Time, And Side Effects

A powerful immunity can take care of your health and goes a long way to stay active. People try their best to avoid diseases and boost immunity, especially in contemporary times. They avoid and add many substances to keep their health at par. Like some of the best Ayurvedic herbs to boost immunity, green tea is one such substance that has been linked with health and fitness. However, drinking green tea is not a recently evolved health benefit. If you drink green tea, you are probably aware of all the benefits it holds. The light green-colored beverage contains a high amount of polyphenols, a potent antioxidant. So, if you drink green tea, it can protect your tissues and cells from the harmful effects of the free radicals. This said, let us now dive straight into understanding the benefits, the appropriate time, and side effects of green tea.

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea Daily

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea Daily

Although consistency is key when it comes to health, it is advisable to drink green tea in moderation. With abundant antioxidants, it can become the best morning tea for you. So, before we discuss the best time to drink green tea, let us first understand the benefits of drinking green tea daily.

1. Drinking Green Tea Daily Can Boost Immunity

Drinking Green Tea Daily Can Boost Immunity

As already mentioned, green tea contains a high content of polyphenolic antioxidants that are a powerhouse for the immune system. Studies even suggest that one of the prominent benefits of drinking green daily is that it increases the number of immune cells that ultimately fight free radicals and protect from illnesses.

2. Drink Green Tea To Support Weight Loss

Green tea is a health-promoting beverage that you can replace with your sweet drinks for weight management. Drinking green tea daily, however, should not neglect other healthy eating habits and exercise. In addition, like many herbal teas, green tea can be a remedy to get rid of gas for some people.

3. Drinking Green Tea Daily May Promote Heart Health

Studies report that if you drink green tea regularly, it can reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol or ‘bad cholesterol’ along with triglycerides that may also help protect the damage of blood vessels and suppress inflammation. But, obviously, you should know about foods not to eat to take advantage of green tea benefits.

4. Green Tea May Help Block Cancer Cells

The multiple types of polyphenols present in green tea may fight against tumorigenesis-causing harmful radicals. Drinking green tea daily may also help with cell multiplication and change angiogenesis (growth of the blood vessels), mainly responsible for slowing down cancer growth. However, unlike some other confirmed benefits of drinking green tea, more research is needed to confirm the anti-cancer properties of green tea.

5. Drink Green Tea daily For A Sharper Memory

Yes, you can drink green tea to improve your memory and brain function. Studies indicate that green tea has the potential to enhance memory and alertness. It can also help deal with cognitive degradation and diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Best Time To Drink Green Tea

Now that we have seen the benefits of drinking green tea daily, it’s time to learn the best time to drink green tea. Whether you want to shed extra pounds or heal a certain disease, green tea can be your savior. However, the right time to drink green tea is essential to reach the aim. So, analyze the below-given arguments to decode the best time to drink green tea for you.

1. Drinking Green Tea As An Early Morning Beverage

Drinking Green Tea As An Early Morning Beverage

Many people consider that drinking green tea the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is the best way to procure the benefits of green tea. However, it is not a healthy breakfast idea for many as it may impact some people adversely and even put stress on the liver. Also, the caffeine content in green tea may cause dehydration and incite the release of gastric acid leading to stomach upset. Therefore, people with any of these issues should not drink it as an early morning tea.

2. Drink Green Tea With Meals

Drink Green Tea With Meals

If you want to take advantage of all of its antioxidant powers, then drink green tea in-between meals. For implementing this idea, you should drink it at least two hours before and two hours after your meal. Also, green tea does not have the tendency to react with the caseins present in animal protein or milk, making it relatively safer. However, for some people, it may restrict iron absorption and minimize nutrient intake. Thus, people who face nutrient deficiency should avoid it.

3. Drinking Green Tea Before Sleeping

Drinking Green Tea Before Sleeping

It’s not a good idea to drink green tea before going to bed for two main reasons: the presence of caffeine and its diuretic properties. Though green tea comprises relatively less caffeine than other teas, even a low caffeine content can affect a person’s sleep. Furthermore, the diuretic properties may make you run to the washroom often and disturb your sleep. Thus it is wise to drink green tea at least one to two hours before going to sleep. Also, drinking green tea before a few hours of going to bed may burn calories while you sleep. Therefore, making it a natural fat burner even when you are asleep!

Side Effects Of Green Tea

Side Effects Of Green Tea

Apart from its wonderful benefits, drinking green tea has some side effects. Below given are some of the major complications and risks that are noteworthy for people who drink green tea.

  • Caffeine intolerance- People who have extreme caffeine sensitivity may experience anxiety, insomnia, nausea, irritability, or an upset stomach after they drink green tea.
  • Liver issues- Drinking a high amount of green tea extract may cause harm and a negative impact on liver health in some cases.
  • Interaction with drugs- Some people may experience increased blood pressure or heart rate if they consume other stimulant drugs alongside green tea. However, studies suggest that there is no evidence of direct causality.


People who drink green tea may get multiple health benefits. For example, they may rely on this hot beverage to treat inflammation, weight management, and even type 2 diabetes. Some studies even show the relevance of drinking green tea in treating cardiovascular issues. Evidently, most of the credit of these multiple health benefits of green tea goes to its antioxidant power.

Green tea is great for boosting body metabolic activity and ramps up the pace of fat absorption. Therefore many dieticians, doctors, and healthcare providers recommend green tea with a sound lifestyle and set workout routine. Therefore, to stay on the safer side, it is best to seek professional advice before adding green tea as a daily beverage, as some manufactured green tea may have substances that may cause harmful effects on your health.

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