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Egg Nutrition Facts – Boiled Egg Benefits

Egg Nutrition Fact, Boiled Egg Benefits

Eggs are classic superfoods stuffed with numerous nutrients. Boiled eggs benefits, in particular, are more popular worldwide. This is so because we rarely get to see foods that readily offer whole nutrition in one place in the modern world. Thus, even being conventional, the health benefits of boiled eggs are still a go-to option for people looking for healthy foods.

Eggs contain lofty proteins along with many other essential vitamins and minerals alongside vital omega 3 fatty acids and potent antioxidants. Most of the high-quality protein, around 60%, is present in egg white. The remaining rests with the egg yolk, with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and antioxidants being alongside. All these nutrients get the credit for the health benefits of boiled eggs and play a concerted role in maintaining good and hearty health.

Egg Nutrition Facts

Egg Nutrition Facts

The fact that the nutrition of eggs gives rise to a chicken baby says enough about the excellent nutrition of eggs. Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, the benefits of boiled eggs are because of the following vital nutrients-

  • Vitamin A- 6% RDA
  • Vitamin B12- 9% RDA
  • Vitamin B5- 7% RDA
  • Vitamin B2- 15% RDA
  • Protein- 6 grams
  • Healthy fats- 5 grams
  • Calories- 77
  • Folate- 5% RDA
  • Phophorus- 9% RDA
  • Selenium- 22% RDA

In addition to these, eggs also contain fair amounts of other essential nutrients such as vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin B6, omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, and calcium.

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Boiled Egg Benefits

Boiled Egg Benefits

With almost every nutrient on the list, the health benefits of boiled eggs have an expanded width.

1. Eggs Do Not Affect Cholesterol

Eggs have a pretty high cholesterol content. However, this is also true that not all types of cholesterol-rich foods affect cholesterol levels. Thus, the benefits of boiled eggs do not let cholesterol levels spike.

In fact, consuming high cholesterol foods makes the liver secrete less cholesterol to even out the overall cholesterol levels in the body. However, people with conditions such as familial hypercholesterolemia or a gene variant called ApoE4 should avoid consuming eggs as it may raise their LDL.

The High-density lipoprotein, or HDL, also referred to as the good cholesterol, increases you start eating eggs. As a result, HDL lowers the chances of heart stroke and other heart diseases, which come as significant health benefits of boiled eggs.

2. Eggs Contain Choline

Most people are unaware of the fact that a nutrient named choline exists. It is a tremendously essential nutrient and is often clubbed with B vitamins. Choline plays a vital role in molecules production in the brain and also contributes to cell membrane creation. Boiled eggs benefits do not miss out on choline, and a whole egg consists of 100 grams of this essential nutrient.

3. Reduces The Risks of Heart Disease

LDL or the “bad” cholesterol is the culprit behind most heart ailments. But, based on size, the LDL particles are characterized, and most people do not know this fact! The categorization is labeled as small, dense, and large LDL particles. Studies suggest that the small and dense LDL particles are mainly responsible for high risks of heart diseases. Therefore, the health benefits of boiled eggs may reduce the risk of heart diseases as they contain little LDL.

4. Eggs Promote Eye Health

With age, the eyesight starts fading, and vision starts getting blur. Several nutrients may deal with these degenerative actions. Lutein and zeaxanthin are powerful nutrients among these nutrients that safeguard the retina. Studies show that regular egg intake can significantly increase the content of these two antioxidants in the body. In addition to this, eggs are also rich in vitamin A, famous for fighting against vision problems.

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5. Eggs offer the Best Quality Protein

Protein is vital for body growth and repair. It is especially crucial for muscle maintenance and tissue recovery. A single large egg can alone offer 6.3 grams of protein. This protein is thus of high quality containing all nine essential amino acids in adequate quantities. The bio-availability and outstanding quality of protein in eggs make them stand out among protein-rich foods.

6. Eggs Provide Vitamin D

Egg yolks contain natural vitamin D and are among the list of a few foods high in vitamin D. Just two whole eggs can fulfill 82% of daily vitamin D requirements. The nutrient also plays an essential role in mineral absorption, such as phosphorus and calcium. The absorption of these minerals helps maintain healthy bones as well as teeth and enhances the benefits of boiled eggs. Vitamin D also aids the smooth functioning of the immune system and promotes muscle maintenance.

7. Eggs Are Great For Ideal Weight Management

Eggs are an excellent source of low-calorie and high-protein food. This is why they can aid healthy weight management and reduce unhealthy fats. The mechanism behind this is the satisfaction they offer, due to which an individual does not feel hungry for the later hours of consuming eggs. The satiating nature amounts to other great benefits of boiled eggs. These include the provision of high energy, the boost to metabolic activity, and slower digestion. The high-quality protein in eggs also plays a key role in healthy weight distribution in the body.

8. Eggs Also Provide Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids play a crucial role in the functioning of the cell membrane as they are polyunsaturated fats that come under the category of essential fats. It is wise to consume omega 3 fatty acids through foods like eggs as the body cannot produce the nutrient independently. Eggs offer a humongous 180 mg omega 3 fatty acids, which fulfills the daily omega 3 requirements among adults.

Sum Up: Health Benefits of Boiled Eggs

To sum up, we can say that there is more to the health benefits of boiled eggs with which we can go on and on. Thus, eggs are perfect foods that provide whole nutrition in one place. In addition, the multi-purpose health benefits of the food are also tasty and easy to cook. The daily limit of eggs for a healthy adult is three eggs. However, there is no much harm in exceeding this limit unless you have any health or dietary restrictions. So, next time you hit the supermarket, do not forget to add eggs to your grocery list!

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