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Exercises For Diabetes Patient : Workout To Control Blood Sugar

Exercises for diabetes patients: Workout to control blood sugar

According to the World Journal of Diabetes, only 40% of people who have diabetes indulge in regular physical activity. It’s a blatant fact that working out can stimulate the insulin activity and keep a check on sugar levels. Hence, regular workouts and exercise for people with diabetes are highly recommended. Regular exercise and physical activity also safeguard and boost the immune system. A healthy immune system complements normal blood sugar levels and reduces the risk of other heart and pulmonary diseases. 

According to health experts’ studies, people with diabetes should participate in mild to rigorous physical activities for at least 150 minutes per week. Weight loss is not always the motive for working out; exercise for diabetes patients is also crucial. To see effective results in balancing blood sugar levels, people should maintain consistency by exercising daily. However, consulting a doctor or a health trainer before starting a routine workout is recommended. This is to ensure that you take proper precautions as per your health condition. 

It is not necessary to have rigorous workout sessions to cope with diabetes. Meditations and mild exercises for diabetes and prediabetes also work wonders. It is also generally recommended to begin with light or mild exercises and gradually increase the daily physical activity intensity.

10 Best Exercises For Diabetes Patient

Let’s have a look at easy, and the best exercises for diabetes one can do regularly-

1. Brisk Walking- Great Exercise for Type 2 Diabetes.

Who said the gym is mandatory for effective physical activity? All you need is to get into a comfortable pair of shoes and hit the park or any other suitable place to have a good long walk. Brisk walking for 30 minutes, 5 days a week, can help you gain benefits almost equal to an aerobics session. It is the easiest and proven solution in the form of an exercise for people with type 2 diabetes to regulate their sugar levels and reduce weight. Although it is a moderate-intensity activity, diabetic people with body weakness and other similar conditions can get ample health benefits through brisk walking. 

2. Swimming- Viable Exercise for Type 1 Diabetes

Swimming and other water activities have proven to be really helpful with joint and muscle-related body problems. It is an aerobic exercise for type 1 diabetes, and gestational diabetes having a lot of variations. Activities such as aqua jogging and water aerobics can relieve people with type 2 diabetes suffering from foot complications. These aquatic activities can also boost heart and lung activity by putting moderate stress on the joints. Swimming has also proven beneficial for people with neuropathy caused by type 2 diabetes in several cases. Thus, if you want a fun aquatic activity to reduce your blood sugar level and stimulate metabolic activity, then take a dip to get fit.

3. Cycling- Fast Effective Exercise for Diabetes.

Bone function disruption issues such as arthritis are common problems faced by people with type 2 diabetes. Not only that, such problems can even lead to obesity and other potential health risks. A condition called Diabetic neuropathy erupts when the nerves get damaged. Cycling is an excellent exercise for people with diabetes who willing to choose low-impact exercise due to the lower joint pains. It will help to retain body fitness and minimize strain on the joints. 

Static bicycling is also a great way to burn calories for weight loss or maintenance of blood sugar levels. It is a combination of cycling and aerobic activity. It can be a great diabetes exercise at home as well. However, unlike cycling, this exercise has to be done on cycling equipment. This is helpful for people who stay most of the time indoors, thus being convenient and easy. 

4. Tai chi- Ancient Chinese Practice and Exercise for Diabetes.

It is an ancient Chinese practice and tradition which involves performing series of movements. These movements are followed in a flow in a steady and relaxed manner. This soothing activity focuses on deep breathing and is a form of meditation. Tai chi has been proven effective in treating exercise for type 2 diabetes by a few studies. It calms down stress and gives a sense of harmony to the body. This, in turn, helps in neuropathy which is a common problem faced by people with type 2 diabetes. This ultimately results in blood sugar balancing and lowering the chances of high diabetes. Hence Tai chi is considered an ideal exercise for people with diabetes or prediabetes to maintain fitness.

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5. Aerobics- Mood Uplifting and Fun Exercises for Diabetes.

Diabetic people can also pursue Aerobics, dance, Zumba, gymnastics, and other similar activities to maintain a healthy physical activity regularly. They are all fitness-related activities combining art or dance with aerobic movement. These activities are delightful and interesting for people who like dancing or art. Studies suggest that aerobics has lowered stress levels in people having diabetes along with controlling blood sugar levels and improving fitness. Hence these exercises for people with diabetes are a great option if stress is the major cause of the spike in their blood sugar levels.

6. Weightlifting- Metabloc Activity Encouraging Exercise for Diabetes

Weightlifting helps the body to build muscle mass and burn calories, increasing metabolic activity. The improved body metabolism along with strengthening also regulates blood sugar levels. You can incorporate weightlifting once or twice into your weekly workout routine. Strength training, lifting free weights, and using weight machines are some exercises people with diabetes can give a shot to. Weightlifting exercises, also known as resistance activities, and are helpful exercises for people with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. 

7. Yoga- Stress Bursting Exercise for People with Diabetes

Researches have been conducted in the past few years safely concluding that Yoga can significantly reduce stress and regulate health conditions such as diabetes. It is a commonly known fact that higher stress directly correlates with an increase in blood sugar levels. Unlike other exercises mentioned above, Yoga can be done often by people, meaning there is no prescribed time limit for this relaxing activity. “The more is better,” say the health experts for doing yoga. Yoga uplifts the mood, improves sleep quality, regulates cholesterol, and, of course, lowers blood sugar levels by suppressing stress and anxiety. Yoga is thus an effective remedy and exercise for people with diabetes.

8. Pilates- Hopping Exercise for People with Diabetes

It may sound like a fancy new exercise loved by many celebrities and famous personalities, but it is a very effective remedy for controlling diabetes. The reason why this exercise is gaining so much popularity is mainly the design of this activity which boosts physical strength and improves body coordination and balance. Pilates can be done indoors and this exercise for diabetes can be quite effective. Hence, along with reducing weight and making the body toned, it also reduces blood sugar levels efficiently.

9. Climb Stairs- Easy Exercise for Diabetes

Another easy exercise or physical activity you can do without stepping to the gym is climbing stairs. You must have seen how in daily life we are suggested to take stairs instead of the elevator. Climbing stairs help burn calories and improve the efficiency of heart and lung function. This is an incredibly helpful exercise for people with type 2 diabetes. Climbing stairs for a few minutes helps to ward off high blood sugar levels. So take a small break and step onto the staircase.

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10. Outdoor Games and Sports- Fun Exercises for Diabetes.

 Don’t be surprised; this is true. People who have diabetes need not hold back their gaming spirit. It has been proven that outdoor games and sports uplift mood and behavior. Playing basketball, cricket, tennis, etc., with your friends or family can certainly make you happy. This ensures that these are excellent exercises for people with diabetes and gestational diabetes. This physical activity is fun and lets you spend quality time with your loved ones. Both these things will boost your metabolic activity and calm down daily life stress at the same time. These are some exercises helpful in managing diabetes, as with the stress, the blood sugar levels will also go down.

Hence it is vital to stick to regular physical activity, not only for controlling blood sugar levels but also to gain good overall health. Set a routine to complete 150-300 minutes of workout every week. In the beginning, set short-term goals and treat yourself when you accomplish them. This way, the exercises to control diabetes will be effective for real. If you are someone with specific health conditions or severe type 2 diabetes, it is advised to consult your doctor or special trainer before starting any exercise or workout program.

Try to balance a healthy attitude and self-confidence with your health condition; it is said that a healthy mind complements a healthy body. Also, along with following these exercises for diabetes control, keep your diet under check by incorporating healthy and organic foods. This way, a holistic approach will be established by you for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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