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Foods Not To Eat: Chase Health Not Cravings

Foods Not To Eat: Chase Health Not Cravings

There are a lot of myths about health and fitness; one cannot help but come across this misinformation every other day. Even if you follow the best diet program to lose weight and maintain good health, these pieces of information directly correlate with your food choices, and ultimately your health. Therefore, the list of foods not to eat can be confusing. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew the major culprits that can damage your health? Well, if you were looking for such foods not to eat or to throw away from your kitchen and follow a good health routine, then you have come to the right place! Yes, there are several foods you should never eat! For optimum fitness and reduced health risks, you need to eliminate these foods from your diet. The reason being they offer no health benefits whatsoever but pose plenty of health risks.

These foods may not harm people blessed with a good health and fitness level if they eat them on rare occasions. However, those who suffer from serious illnesses or health problems such as blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, etc., should completely discard them from their fitness meal plan and learn more about foods not to eat. Furthermore, with the growing rate of unhealthy foods, it is unfortunate that we all know someone with a similar disease in our immediate circles. Thus, to avoid the proximity of risks for us and our loved ones, let us learn about these top 10 foods not to eat.

10 Foods Not To Eat

There are foods you should strictly avoid, and there are foods not to eat regularly. Even if you do not have any chronic disease and just want to get rid of gas, bloating, and similar minor health concerns, you must keep in mind to avoid these foods. The foods you should never eat are dreadful enough to cause long-term health issues. Thus, to ensure healthy meals and active life, eliminate the following foods from your meals-

1. White Bread And Pasta

White Bread And Pasta

Because they have been stripped off of almost all essential nutrients, such as fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc., white bread and pasta rank high in the list of foods not to eat. Contrary to being a healthy breakfast, refined flours and white categories of foods have a general toxic food profile as they have an enormously high amount of carbs and calories. So when the healthy nutrients are low and carbs and calories are high, it becomes confusing for the body to understand how to assimilate and digest these types of foods. That is why they can cause a sugar spike, especially in people who complain about unregulated sugar levels.

As an alternative to these foods not to eat, you can try whole-grain varieties of bread and pasta. With a moderate amount of fiber and nutrients in these varieties, they are much healthier and more fulfilling than white bread and white pasta. However, while picking the whole grain bread or pasta packet, ensure that the ingredient label contains a whole grain flour tag.

2. Drinks Stuffed With Sugars

Drinks Stuffed With Sugars

Now, this may not come as a surprise that added is popular among the worst ingredients of modern diets. Regular drinks such as sodas, fruit juices, energy drinks, etc., contain an enormous amount of sugar and fewer health-complementing nutrients. In addition, some sugars are more harmful than others and can spike weight gain, especially when the calories are liquid; thus, sugary drinks are specifically unhealthy.

These drinks can cause non-resistance of insulin, fatty liver diseases, heart-related ailments, and of course, diabetes. In addition, most of these drinks are not even satiating and fulfilling. That is why they are thrown away into the category of foods never to eat.

3. Baked Foods

Baked Foods -  Foods to Never Eat

Premade desserts and pretty-looking delicious foods such as pastries, cakes, and cookies are unhealthy if eaten every other day. From your dentist to your dietician, everyone entitles them as the 3 foods to never eat. Also, the packaged versions of these baked foods are even more harmful as they are commercially prepared with extra fats and refined variants of sugar and flour.

So, the trans fats that are generally high in the premade foods are sometimes in an extra quantity to increase the shelf life of these foods. Therefore these capricious 3 foods to never eat are loaded with preservatives with extremely low or no nutritional value.

4. Fried Snacks

Fried Snacks - Foods You Should Never Eat

Your elders must always have told you that french fries or chips are foods you should never eat as they deteriorate health and have no nutritional content. They have a high-calorie volume with unhealthy fats and unnecessarily large amounts of salt with no fiber and protein.

The deep-frying technique adopted by many restaurants to make these foods crunchy adds extra calories and fats to these foods. Thus, they are often associated with weight gain as they seem lightweight but can be eaten in large quantities in less time. In addition to this, fried fries and chips contain substances such as acrylamides to keep them crispy or stiff. These substances can also cause unruly harm to health.

5. Caffeine


Coffee beans are the key source of caffeine. Interestingly, it contains a hoard of antioxidants and is also a natural fat burner if consumed moderately. Unfortunately, many types of coffee beans are grown with the wide use of toxic pesticides and herbicides that ultimately get passed to the beans. Not only in the hot beverage, but caffeine is also the main ingredient in cola, chocolates, and many soft drinks. Therefore all of these land into the category of foods you should never eat.

Although occasional intake of such food may not be a disaster if your metabolism is good, it is still better to avoid them as much as possible. Unregulated caffeine intake can cause headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, fatigue, etc.

6. Candy Bars And Energy Bars

Candy Bars And Energy Bars

The sugar-filled candy bars sold in the name of energy or protein is among the biggest scam of the modern food industry. While these may seem like a rich addition to their healthy diet to some less informed people, this handy and fulfilling snack merely contains refined sugar, soy protein, hydrogenated fat, and harmful preservatives.

Furthermore, while these candy bars have protein as the main energy source, they are predominantly sugar bombs that take forever to digest! Candy bars, therefore, find a place among the foods not to eat, so do not get your hands on them unless you are starving to death!

7. Ice Cream and Yogurt

Ice Cream and Yogurt

Yes, the sweet treat you cannot resist is unfortunately on the list of foods you should never eat. The delicious snack can provoke overeating with providing no health benefits. This is so because ice cream is stuffed with sugars and calories with no health-improving nutrients like protein or fiber. So now the limit of half cup of ice cream finally makes sense!

Similarly, chilled yogurts may also deliver high amounts of sugar into your diet. Although they are good for health with all the prebiotics and protein, you should carefully read the label of yogurts to avoid the ones loaded with sugar. A wise idea would be to choose healthier a fat-free Greek yogurt.

8. Pizzas and Hamburgers

Pizzas and Hamburgers

Again, this has been a regular mantra for health enthusiasts to promote the prevention of pizzas and burgers into the regular diet. This is not a busted fact that pizzas and burgers most popular junk foods not to eat. Most of the famous commercial pizza chains use refined dough and processed ingredients to prepare their pizzas. Although they are high in calories, homemade pizzas can still deliver wholesome nutrition with some healthy ingredients.

The same features are also applicable to burgers and hamburgers. No matter if they add any attractive names, the delicious hamburgers of the famous food chains are filled with nothing else but calories and fats. They can aggravate pre-existing health conditions and increase the risk of developing obesity. Therefore, if you want to reduce belly fat and keep a check on your weight, foods you should never eat are burgers and pizzas.

9. Processed Meat

Processed Meat

The frozen meats and the readymade meats contain harmful sodium nitrite and other toxic chemicals. They have been directly linked to inducing heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, and even cancer. Meat is indeed a widely procured source of high-quality protein. However, it is vital to remember that unprocessed meat steals the show among the top protein sources and not the processed meat. This involves all kinds of manufactured meats, be it canned, dried, smoked, fermented, or otherwise preserved. They are low in nutrients and high in salt, classifying them as foods not to eat.

10. Alcohol


Your celebrations may be incomplete without alcohol, but that’s not the case with your health. Mostly, alcoholic beverages fall under the group of foods not to eat as they are mostly calorie-dense and high in sugar. Some occasional sips may not be critically harmful, but it is always best to follow the path of moderation when it comes to addictive substances.

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The Takeaway

Now that the diet and pre-packed foods are taking over the food industry by storm, you can still maintain a nutritious diet if you steer clear of the high-sugar and preservatives-filled items mentioned above. Other foods not to eat have similar characteristics and ingredients. So, all you have to do is check the labels of the foods you pick very vigilantly.

However, all of this argument is set aside by whole foods. No packaged food can deliver you the nutrition as whole foods do. Therefore, if you want to reclaim your health and understand enough about the foods you should never eat, do not get swayed away with the junk food trend. You can easily do this by practicing mindfulness and listen to your body cues. Start paying attention to your body needs by building a close relationship with your diet and understanding of different foods. Nonetheless, if you still face difficulties getting the right foods and nutrients into your diet, consult a professional dietician or your doctor.

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