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How to Get Rid of Gas: Home Remedies for Gastric Problems

How to Get Rid of Gas: Home Remedies for Gastric Problems

Foodie people face gastric problems every now and then. After finishing their meal, they search for answers on how to get rid of gas. Gas is a routine part of the digestion process. But if the intestines are unable to take the build-up of this gas, and if someone is not able to get rid of gas quickly, it may cause pain, bloating, nausea, and other discomforts. The answers to how to get rid of gas lie in all those foods which aggravate diarrhea and constipation. Gas can also be caused by eating spicy foods, overeating, swallowing air while drinking or eating, smoking, and other unhealthy dietary habits. 

People who cling to spicy foods search for answers to how to get rid of gas frequently. However, suppose this normal problem starts to cause you distress, changes its symptoms often, and causes acute constipation, diarrhea, or weight loss. In that case, you should consider consulting a doctor as soon as possible. To find relief for gas and stop your search for how to get rid of gas, we have jotted down some highly recommended remedies for you.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Gas-

Small intestines are responsible for digesting food and tolerating gas. To get rid of gas, you have to keep a check on your diet. Undigested food is fermented in the colon with fungi, bacteria, and yeast as part of the digestion process. This whole process produces methane and hydrogen, which we refer to as gas. This gives rise to pain and other discomforts and makes you question how to get rid of gas pain?

For many people, changing dietary habits is sufficient to get rid of gas and its related symptoms. One way to get rid of gas is to detect the foods that produce gas. You can maintain a food diary to deal with this problem. Few common culprits include:

  • Foods that have high-fat content.
  • Carbonated drinks. 
  • Fried and spicy foods.
  • Fiber-rich foods
  • Artificial sweeteners and ingredients found in low-carb and sugar-free food items. Examples- sorbitol, sugar alcohol, maltitol.
  • Veggies such as sprouts, cauliflower, brocolli.
  • Beans and lentils.
  • Lactose and dairy products such as milk, cheese, etc. 
  • Dried plums.
  • Raw garlic and onion.
  • Fiber drinks and supplements.

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The following are some effective home remedies to get rid of the gas that occurs on a daily basis-

1. Herbal Tea Is The Top Answer For How To Get Rid Of Gas

To experience gas pain relief quickly, a warm cup of tea can help you. To get rid of gas pain and stomach discomfort fast, all you need to do is step into the kitchen and brew some herbal tea. Brewing fennel, chamomile leaves, ginger, carom seeds, licorice, etc., with water, are efficient ways to get rid of gas. 

  • Fennel Tea– Fennel which is locally termed as saunf in India, is a great remedy to get rid of gas. Boil the tiny green seeds for 3-5 minutes and drink the fennel water. It will instantly make you get rid of gas, bloating, and heartburn. The antibacterial properties of fennel also keep a check on irregular bowel movements.
  • Chamomile Tea– It is prepared by boiling dried chamomile leaves. It helps with indigestion as it possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It makes one get rid of gas, trapped gas in particular and bloating in no time. Drinking chamomile tea before meals and bedtime is an effective remedy to get rid of gastric problems.
  • Ginger Tea– All you need to do to prepare a relaxing cup of ginger tea is take fresh ginger root and boil it in water. The active ingredient in ginger is called gingerol that is responsible for ginger’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The action of ginger secrets gastric juices and promotes bile production. Neutralizing the gastric acid, it provides instant relief for gas pain and stops your search on how to get rid of gas.

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2. How To Get Rid Of Gas In A Cool Way? Check Out These Chill Drinks

What’s better than calming the gastric problems and having a chill drink at the same time? Here are a few cool drink remedies for gas and gas discomfort. 

  • Cool Milk– Cold milk can calm gas and gas pain. It provides instant relief to one who is looking for how to get rid of gas. However, it should be kept in mind that the milk is sugar and fat-free. Milk is high in calcium content, neutralizes gas and its impacts on the stomach. 
  • Buttermilk– Taking buttermilk before or with meals is an age-old remedy to get rid of gas. It prevents gas build-up and protects the stomach’s inner lining against its harmful effects. Buttermilk has ample prebiotics, which is your answer to how to get relief from gas pain. It prevents bloating and is even suitable for lactose-intolerant people. 
  • Mint and Lemon drinks– One or two teaspoons of mint leaf juice is your stop to the search of how to get relief from the trapped gas. Lemon water or lemon juice is also a great remedy to get rid of gas. A pinch of soda in lemon juice can instantly relieve bloating and can boost digestion. 
  • Apple cider vinegar– Apple cider vinegar is another wonderful remedy for gas pain and gas build-up. Apple cider can be diluted with water or tea, as one may prefer. It is suggested to drink it before meals to see its best results against gas problems.

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3. Mucilage To Get Relief From Gas

Mucilage is a slippery and gummy plant substance that people have been using for many years to get rid of gas. The mucilaginous substance tends to swell in water and is bland in taste. It forms a protective layer over the sore surface or inflamed lining of the stomach. Hence on consumption, it both protects and heals the stomach to get rid of gas and its harmful effects. 

Ispaghula or Psyllium Husk and Chia seeds fall in the category of mucilage. Ispaghula is also commonly known as Isabgol and is a wonderful remedy to get rid of gas. When consumed with curd or milk, it provides relief against gas pain, lost stool, and indigestion.

Similarly, Chia seeds also have the answer for how to get rid of gas and gas pain. Apart from other benefits of chia seeds, such as their anti-inflammatory properties and rich nutrients, they also serve as a remedy for gas relief. 

Other Tips To Get Rid Of Gas And Prevent Gas Build Up In The Stomach-

  • Try to avoid air intake while eating or drinking.
  • Chew slowly and try not to eat fast.
  • Do not miss your routine exercise.
  • Take a short walk after the meals.
  • Avoid aerated drinks and smoking.
  • Avoid foods that are likely to cause gas and bloating.

As gas is not a deadly health concern, healthy lifestyle, wise eating habits, and daily exercise is the best remedy to get rid of gas. Dietary checks are many times sufficient to keep gastric issues at bay. However, if you cannot get rid of gas after trying remedies and home treatments, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Most probably, the above-mentioned wonderful remedies to get rid of gas are sufficient to cure gas and gas pain.

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