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Ginger: Health Benefits And Ways of Consumption

Ginger: Health Benefits And Ways of Consumption

While you swear by its flavor in some cuisines, ginger becomes your favorite go-to spice when you fall sick. It’s one of the most common home remedies found in every Indian household. Moreover, the dynamic ginger health benefits have gained it a position of superfood of 2021. While people mostly associate with it as a kitchen spice and cold remedy, but there is undoubtedly more to it. The most prominent ginger health benefits range from treating nausea to preventing arthritis. Ginger health benefits come from its abundant antioxidants, phytochemicals, and other beneficial compounds that help with essential bodily functions such as digestion, cognitive activities, easing inflammation, and protecting against infection.

This potent tropical plant root belongs to the same botanical family of turmeric and cardamom. Ginger health benefits have been cherished in Asian, Indian, and Arabic medicine for thousands of years. Fresh ginger is considered highly beneficial for health as it contains a higher level of gingerol. However, this does not mean that the side effects of ginger do not exist. Ginger benefits and side effects may vary from person to person. Therefore, it’s vital to speak to your healthcare adviser before adding it as a supplement to your diet. That said, let us break down to you some of the significant benefits of ginger that are common to all.

Top Ginger Health Benefits

Top Ginger Health Benefits

The natural chemicals and compounds are responsible for the exceptional ginger health benefits. Ginger has dynamic anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, and other healing properties. Backed by scientific studies, these are some anecdotal health benefits of ginger-

1. Eases Inflammation And Muscle Pain

Did you know that ginger can soothe muscle pain by 25%? Since many people rely on protein shakes to gain muscle mass, it’s also vital to learn what can help relieve pain and make the body get back on track. So, among all the ginger health benefits, its ability to relieve muscle pain significantly is phenomenal. Studies have also proven that ginger can effectively soothe post-workout or exercise-induced pain.

2. Helps Against Nausea And Indigestion

Tummy issues are tackled like a cakewalk by the mighty ginger. For ages, the major ginger benefits for health, that are treating nausea to managing motion or morning sickness, have been appreciated. The digestive benefits of ginger focus specifically on your GI tract, the disturbance of which mainly causes issues like stomach upset and vomiting. Sipping ginger water or ginger tea for nausea to flush out toxins in the digestive tract quickly after consumption. So, you can count on ginger to fight against problems like acidity and gas.

3. Improves Brain Function

Ginger health benefits include treating even chronic inflammation in the brain. Drinking ginger tea can prove to be therapeutic and treat daily stress, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, Alzheimer’s disease, and depression. In addition, it may help suppress signs of depression, as according to some studies, ginger increases dopamine and serotonin levels. That is why ginger and its supplements can also improve reaction time and attentiveness in people.

4. Fights Infections

Gingerol, the active compound in ginger, is chiefly responsible for fighting against infections. So ginger health benefits even unravel combating various types of bacterial infections, including that of the respiratory system, gut, and mouth. It does so by killing pathogens and increasing the production of T cells. As a result, ginger can keep breathing problems, colds, and flu at bay. For best results against bacterial infections, consume fresh ginger in the form of food, tea, or tonic.

5. Aids Regulation Of Cholesterol Level

If you know someone who suffers from high cholesterol levels, suggest them to take ginger without thinking twice. Ginger can suppress the building of bad cholesterol or LDL as its intake stimulates the release of enzymes that can regulate cholesterol levels. You can take advantage of ginger health benefits right when you start your day to manage cholesterol effectively. Simply add it into your morning oatmeal or smoothie for a fresh and healthy start.

6. Relieves Menstrual Cramps And Pain

When you face chronic pain and cramps during periods, know that your remedy is right there in your kitchen. Yes, ginger can calm menstrual pain and help normalize the period flow. Ginger health benefits for women can be seen during pregnancy as well; however, taking prior consent from a doctor is vital.

7. May Manage Diabetes

Some studies reveal that adding ginger to the diet for people with diabetes may improve their insulin sensitivity. Not only this, it may even drop their triglycerides levels significantly. Meaning, the ginger health benefits incorporate not only reducing type 2 diabetes but also its effective management.

8. Calms Migraine Pain

As ginger health benefits are famous for reducing several types of pains, migraine pain is also among them. Ginger can knock out the common as well as nausea-caused migraine pain. Being a natural remedy, it does not leave any side effects like migraine medications.

Ginger Uses- Ways of Consumption

Ginger Uses- Ways of Consumption

Most people associate ginger uses with it being just a spice. However, ginger uses are plenty that unfolds many ways of consuming the spice to take advantage of several benefits. These ginger uses are the best way to consume it as they enhance its performance in boosting health.

1. Ginger Water

Ginger water benefits people during the sore throat, cold, cough, upset stomach, and even stress or dizziness. The drink is soothing and easy to prepare. You simply have to boil ginger with pure water for 2-3 minutes and then strain the mixture. Let it cool down and drink as per your timing. Ginger water for weight loss is also quite effective if you follow it regularly.

2. Lemon Ginger Tea

Lemon ginger tea is a treat for people with a headache. Like ginger water for weight loss works as a detox drink, lemon and ginger tea benefits people with extra kilos. To prepare lemon ginger tea, you simply need to boil some grated ginger, strain the mixture, then add a few drops of lemon juice, and drink it till it’s hot.

3. Dry Ginger Powder

Dry ginger powder benefits men and women in many ways. It has the same healing properties as ginger and is much more convenient than raw ginger root for many people. Much like ashwagandha powder, dry ginger powder benefits people with blood pressure and inflammation as it acts as a handy home remedy. However, your personal healthcare professional must confirm its dosage for you before you make it your go-to home remedy.

4. Raw Ginger

The anti-inflammation effects of ginger are best seen when you witness the benefits of eating raw ginger on an empty stomach. When eaten on an empty stomach, Raw ginger root can stimulate bile production and calm your irritated stomach.

5. Ginger With Honey

Honey and ginger have been a go-to home remedy for respiratory problems since time immemorial! Ginger with honey benefits people with dry cough, itchy throat, and breathing problems. It can even treat nausea effectively and solve issues related to indigestion.

6. Turmeric And Ginger

Natural supplements like turmeric and ginger are heroic home remedies with robust and infamous anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric and ginger benefits are plenty that can soothe and calm the body to accelerate its regeneration and give rise to balanced body weight. Together they can calm acute pain and inflammation if consumed in the proper manner.

Ginger Side Effects

Ginger Side Effects

Though the health benefits of ginger are natural and safe, some people with exceptions might have a reaction or side effect on its consumption. The possible ginger side effects, risks, and interactions are as follows-

1. Side Effects Of Ginger

Though you may witness small or negligible side effects of ginger on the consumption of small doses, high doses of the root, i.e., more than 5 grams a day, may increase the chances of side effects. Eating or drinking ginger supplements may cause gas, heartburn, skin rash, stomach or mouth irritation.

2. Risks

Ginger may pose the risk of bleeding in case you have a bleeding disorder. In such a condition, it is best to avoid ginger. Also, even if it sometimes works under such a situation, it’s better to get your doctor’s approval before trying such home remedies.

3. Interactions

If you take medications for any specific disease, talk to your doctor before using ginger remedies and supplements. They could interact with some drugs such as blood thinners medications prescribed for diabetes, thyroid, and high blood pressure.

Let’s Sum Up!

Ginger can not only boost the flavor of your food but also enhance your overall immunity. Ginger health benefits have high regard as natural therapies and home remedies. They range from treating muscle and joint pain, migraine and stomach pain, menstrual cramps, cold and flu symptoms, to skin burns; ginger is one spice that is beneficial in curing most ailments. From tea to powder, here are several ways you can use ginger in your daily life. Its regular consumption may prove to be super beneficial in

strengthening your immunity, keeping diseases at bay, and maintaining overall well-being.

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