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Home Remedies For Viral Fever: Reduce Fever Naturally

Home Remedies For Viral Fever: Reduce Fever Naturally

Home remedies for fever, particularly to reduce mild viral fever symptoms, are very much effective. Viral fever is any fever that happens as an outcome of a viral infection. Tiny germs that spread easily from one person to another are viruses. When people come under contact with a viral condition, like a cold or flu, the immune system reacts by going into overdrive. A rise in the body’s temperature makes the stay of the virus and germs less hospitable in the body. 

The normal body temperature is around 98.6°F (37°C); doctors consider anything 1 degree or more above this.

Unlike bacterial infections, viral fever does not respond to antibiotics. Rather than that, people have to follow up on a course. This treatment course may vary from a couple of days to a week or even longer, depending upon the type of infection. Home remedies for fever can find their place as well during this course. However, people should bear in mind tips that can help manage the symptoms of viral infection better. The home remedies for fever include natural and herbal treatment. This finds its roots in the ayurvedic treatment for viral fever. Before looking into the tips and home remedies for viral fever, let us first see the symptoms of viral fever. 

Symptoms of viral fever

In children- A high viral fever can be more dangerous for children as compared to adults. It is wise to call a doctor immediately if the temperature varies from 100.4°F (38°C) to 102°F (39°C). The symptoms of viral fever among infants include cough, rash, and diarrhea. Among children or 2 years of age or above, the symptoms include irritation, loss of appetite, weakness, etc. 

Among adults, viral fever can become a risk in a few cases. If the condition does not respond to the medications or home remedies for fever, or if the fever lasts longer than 3 days and reaches 103°F (39°C), urgent medical attention should be provided. The common symptoms of viral fever in adults include severe headache, shortness of breath, breathing, light sensitivity, abdominal pain, seizures, etc. 

Home Remedies For Viral Fever

In Indian households, many home remedies include kitchen ingredients or herbal treatments to treat viral fever. They have tremendous effectiveness in lowering viral fever with minimal or no side effects. Home remedies for viral fever also boost immunity and manage the recovery of overall body health. Along with these herbal home remedies, some general recommendations for health that come as home remedies for viral fever are also given below. Therefore we shall discuss the common recommendations first and then the herbal remedies.

1. Drink Plenty of Water

Nothing, but water is a magical drink that can save the body from several health concerns. A viral fever makes the body heat up more than usual. This causes the body to sweat more so that it cools down faster. However, this leads to fluid loss, which can become a reason for dehydration. Drinking plenty of water and other fluids that may replenish lost fluids in the body is the only solution to this problem. Apart from water, drinking electrolyte-based fluids might also help keep dehydration at bay and provide essential minerals. Thus, it does not have to be just water; it can be juice, soup, herbal tea, etc. 

2. Get Proper Rest

A viral fever is a sign that the body indicates while fighting against viral or bacterial infection. Cut some slack by resting as much as possible and let the body regenerate itself. Some people can not spend the entire day in bed; however, they should try to reduce their physical exertion as much as possible. Sleeping for eight to nine hours should be the goal while having a viral fever. This is a possible and doable home remedy for viral fever as the medication course runs by the side. Remember, physical exercise or exertion can take a toll at the rising temperatures of the body, this is a top recommendation to let the body rest properly while having viral fever.

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3. Over The Counter Medicines

OTC medicines are the best way to counter viral fever. In most households, over-the-counter medicines are handy and seen as home remedies for viral fever as they are available without visiting the doctor. They help keep away the discomfort and make the body become able to revive itself. However, proper rest is important for OTCs to show effectiveness. The common OTCs are aspirin, paracetamol, ibuprofen, etc. But, precautions should be taken while going for OTCs for viral fever treatment. Try not to take more than the recommended dose, consult a doctor in case of children, and most importantly, keep track of time and do not take the pills frequently. 

4. Stay Cool

It is a vital home remedy for the viral fever to keep the body at around cool temperatures. However, one should not overdo it and should not reach a level where the body starts to shiver. Shivering can cause a rise in fever. Things that people can safely try as home remedies for a viral fever to keep the body cool include the following:

  • Take some time to dip the body in a lukewarm water bathtub. This will help bring down the high body temperature. 
  • Wear lightweight and comfortable clothes.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. 
  • Avoid extra blankets while having chills.
  • Expose the body to areas with good air circulation.

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Herbal Home Remedies for A Viral Fever-

As we are done with the general but important home remedies for viral fever, let us now look at herbal home remedies that are effective in treating fever. There is evidence derived from potent research which shows that herbal home remedies might work well for adults. For saying this safely for children, more research is needed. Moreover, choosing herbal supplements should be a well-planned decision. Below given are some efficient herbal home remedies for viral fever-

1. Moringa

Moringa is a tropical plant that has a number of medicinal and nutritional benefits. Majorly all the parts of the plant contain minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, and antibacterial agents. Research found that fevers in rabbits were reduced by moringa bark. However, the mechanism with which it reduces fevers in humans requires more research. Some research proves that it may be gentler on the liver than some over-the-counter medications. Also, moringa is not a good home remedy for viral fevers in pregnant women. Many precautions should be taken before going for moringa as a home remedy for viral fevers. 

2. Honey and Lime Juice

Honey and lime juice are like a deadly combination to counter dehydration and give the body a boost of essential nutrients. A perfect blend of honey and lime alleviates the symptoms of viral fever such as cold and flu. The combo is so effective because honey is an instant energy provider and lime juice helps cut toxicity. To prepare this juice, simply mix two teaspoons of honey and lemon. A teaspoon of ginger juice to the lemon-honey mixture can be a bonus. Drink this home remedy for viral fever along with the healthiest breakfast and other times in the day to observe cordial and efficient results.

3. Coriander Tea

Coriander is high in phytonutrients and vitamins. It is a famous herbal home remedy for viral fevers and also helps to enhance immunity. Coriander tea relieves the symptoms of viral fever such as a runny nose, sore throat, etc., effectively. To prepare coriander tea, boil the coriander seeds in water and add a teaspoon of honey along with some milk. Drink this beverage once it cools down. Drinking this coriander tea twice a day can be a powerful home remedy for viral fevers and infections that can make the symptoms of viral fever disappear in a few days.

4. Tulsi Leaves

A widely used home remedy for viral fever is tulsi which is present in almost every Indian household because of religious and cultural purposes. People also take advantage of the medicinal properties of tulsi mainly as it is an ayurvedic immunity booster and contains natural antibacterial and antibiotic properties. It is easy to prepare tulsi juice by boiling Tulsi leaves in water along with half a tablespoon of clove. The evaporation of half of this water, strain in the liquid, indicates that the tulsi juice is ready! Consuming this drink every two hours may provide easy relief against the viral fever symptoms. 

5. Kudzu Root

Kudzu root is a herb as well as a popular traditional Chinese medicine. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which help in joint pain relief and other bodily pains. A study also suggests that kudzu roots reduce fevers in rats, but human studies need more research to conclude if kudzu root is an effective home remedy for viral fever. However, people who take diabetes medications should talk to their doctor before trying kudzu root as it may drop the sugar levels in the body. 

6. Black Pepper and Ginger Tea

Irregular bowels are one of the common symptoms associated with viral fever, especially in children. Black pepper and ginger tea is an effective home remedy for viral fever symptoms of these categories. While black pepper helps eliminate toxins, the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger, along with its analgesic properties, are suitable for easing the symptoms of viral fever. It is very easy to prepare black pepper and ginger tea. One just needs to boil water with some milk and ground or chopped ginger. Add tea leaves to boil with it after a while. Finally, put a pinch of black pepper in the hot cup of ginger tea, and voila! The herbal tea is ready to fight off the viral fever!

A viral fever is not a severe illness to worry about. The healing process of the body covers most parts to counter it. However, following the healthy routine tips and trying some home remedies for viral fever can accelerate the speed of recovery and boost immunity. It is vital to take advice from health professionals before adding any home remedy for viral fever to the daily routine. This gets particularly important when people with viral fever notice unusual symptoms.

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