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How To Build Chest Muscles Fast? Don’t Miss These Chest Exercises and Tips

How To Build Chest Muscles Fast? Best Chest Exercises And Tips

A 56-inch chest is much in the news these days. It’s increasingly becoming a symbol of powerful masculinity and male strength. From the divine gods to famous actors and models, everyone is seen in huge chest muscles with chiseled bodies. Though you may not find the answer for how to build chest muscle in a week, working hard for a few months will make you witness tremendous gains in chest muscles. So, are you working towards increasing chest muscle fast? Are you looking for how to build chest muscles at home? Then, it’s time for you to upgrade your lower chest workout with holistic chest muscles training. Not only that, for effective and healthy results, you have to focus on multiple things simultaneously. Don’t get nervous! This article will provide you with all the answers for building chest muscles fast with exercises and tips to keep in mind.

Chest Muscles Anatomy

No, it’s not biology blabbering. One should know about the body before working upon it. Similarly, you should know about your chest muscles before you put them to work. Also, the debate on how to increase chest size largely depends on the understanding of the chest muscles. A chest is a broad group of “Pushing Muscles” found in the upper body. The pectoral muscles are the main muscles making up the bulk of the chest muscles. The chest muscle names are Pectoralis Major and Pectoralis Minor. These chest muscles help you to perform all pushing actions, from regular daily activities to hardcore workouts. Here is a quick brief for what these chest muscles or pectoral muscles really do-

  • Pectoralis Major- Pectoralis Major, forms the dominant portion of the upper chest. It is a fan-shaped chest muscle stretching from the armpit to the collarbone and running down across the lower chest region towards both sides of the chest. These two sides join at the sternum or breastbone.
  • Pectoralis Minor- Pectoralis Minor is located beneath the pectoralis major. It is a thin triangular-shaped chest muscle that extends up and down along the upper ribs.

Here is a chest muscles diagram for you to understand them in a glance-

Chest Muscles Anatomy

How To Build Chest Muscles Fast: The Ultimate Tips

How To Build Chest Muscles Fast: The Ultimate Tips

You may have been following the biceps workout or triceps exercises but enlarge your body. But, none of that will come as imagined if you do not know how to increase the chest size. A smaller chest will not complement the overall big body. That’s why it’s time for you to magnify your pectoral muscles. We provide you the ultimate tips to build chest muscles fast, the sure-shot way!

1. Keep Switching The Chest Exercises

If you are expecting a ripped chest, then repeating chest exercises may not be the best idea. Instead, you will need to optimize your chest workout to increase the size of your chest muscles. This technique will strengthen your upper chest muscles, inching them close to a bigger size. Chest dips, for instance, is an excellent chest exercise to increase chest size and strength. However, using the exercise in variation with dumbbell press, machine press, etc., will offer your chest muscles a robust workout. The only thing you need is the right and motivational form to ace these chest exercises.

2. Concentrate on Resistance Training To Gain Chest Muscles

Once you get thorough in performing the chest exercises right, it’s time to level up for “progressive overload.” This term refers to putting a load on the skeletal muscles to enhance strength and endurance. Once you master the beginner’s workout routine, head to the upper/lower split workout routine to add resistance to your daily workouts, you will need to specifically modify the volume and target the pectoral muscles, with 8-12 reps of the heavy chest exercises.

3. Give Your Chest Muscles Enough Rest

Proper rest is crucial for all the body muscles to grow optimally. Trying to exceed your limits is good, but exerting the body can do the reverse of what you expect. Be it chest muscles or any muscle of the body; it needs time to repair and recover itself after the resistance training. This does not mean resting for a few hours but taking a whole day off from workouts. The rest will certainly help you improve your form to get those exercises by heck the next day.

4. Ensure To Eat A Protein-Rich Diet

It’s time to look for protein everywhere! You can have available choices from the cheapest and healthiest sources of protein. If you do not wish to make your chest-building journey agonizingly slow, then start eating a protein-rich diet. You have to be diligent about your protein intake amount and frequency to build chest muscles fast. Look for supplements and foods that have 25-30 grams of protein. You can get your hands on Utsaha by Nature Sutra, a plant protein with 26 grams and all the 9 essential amino acids. With an all-natural formation, the complete source of protein is safe and easy for daily consumption. It will help you increase your chest size and strength within a few days of use.

5. Stay Patient While You Build Chest Muscles

As they say, patience is the key! No person with weak chest muscles built the chiseled chest within a night or a week. The process of muscle building has its own pace irrespective of the diet, or resistance training one indulges in. Therefore, you have to stay patient and motivated while hitting the marks right to build chest muscles.

How To Build Chest Muscles At Home Or Gym? Try These Best Chest Muscle Workouts

Due to the social distancing norm, people want to stay home and continue their workouts. This is why the search for how to build chest muscles at home is on a rising trajectory. Therefore we will first discuss some chest workouts you can do at home with minimal equipment and then move on to machine exercises. So, are you ready to improve your chest muscles and make the pecs pop? Get up to try these effective chest exercises-

Chest Workouts At Home

1. Push-Ups

Push-Ups Gif Image

How could we miss push-ups among the list of chest workouts at home? If you wish to avoid the crowd or do not have any equipment, don’t worry; push-ups have your back to build chest muscles. In addition, push-ups provide significant muscle activation and not just that; it is an effective arm and shoulder workout as well. Therefore push-ups to build chest muscles are convenient and offer triple muscle-building benefits.

Get your form tight and follow these simple steps to do workouts and increase chest size-

  • Get your hands and toes while you face the floor.
  • Keep your abdomen tight and your back flat with the neck in alignment with your spine.
  • You have to keep your elbows close to you.
  • Your hands should be directly underneath your shoulders.
  • Now lower or push yourself with gradual control towards the floor.
  • When you reach a little above the ground, press up.

2. Chest Press

Chest Press

it’s time to raise a pair of dumbbells. If you don’t have any, ask your friend to loan it to you to perform this chest exercise. Chest press allows your chest muscles to stretch and train with mild pressure. Go through these easy steps to execute this chest workout at home-

  • You do not necessarily need a chest press bench. Instead, you can lie down on a sturdy table with a yoga mat on it. Keep your feet on the floor with a slight bend in the knees.
  • Lie down on your back with the dumbbells in your hands and bring them near to your chest.
  • Hold the dumbbells tight, and then push them till your arms get straight with a slight bend in the elbow.
  • With a balanced control, pull the dumbbells towards you slowly.
  • Repeat this 8-12 times with a set of 3 rounds.

3. Chest Dips

Chest Dips

Doing a chest workout at home can be fun if you have chest dips on your list. It gives the chest muscles contraction via using your hand force and entire body weight. All you need to take a dip are two sturdy bars that you may easily find in your nearby park. You simply follow these instructions to perform chest dips properly-

  • Grab parallel bars firmly and slightly lift your body at first.
  • With elbows straight and head aligned with the trunk, keep your wrists in line with the forearms.
  • Stabilize the lower part of your body by bringing one leg opposite to the other. Now, pull your abs.
  • Breathe out and bend your elbows to help lower your body. You have to keep your elbows close to your sides during this step. Keep your elbows near your sides, and your legs should be straight.
  • Keep lowering yourself till your elbows form a 90-degree angle, and the upper arm is parallel to the floor.
  • Take a pause at this moment and gradually bring your elbows to be normal to return to the starting position.
  • For some time, keep your body vertical and the wrists straight.

Chest Workouts With Equipment

1. Barbell Bench Press

The Barbell Bench Press

Okay, so this workout needs just a barbell, so if you have a barbell at your place, you can do this chest workout at home easily. Barbell bench press strengthens the upper body and works mainly the delts and pecs simultaneously. To get it right, bring on the barbell and follow these steps-

  • Lie down half of your body on the bench with feet firm on the floor. The bar should be directly over your head with the hips on the bench.
  • Hold the barbell tight with palms forward and thumbs wrapped around the bar.
  • Bring the bar over your upper chest, above the chin, and keep your wrists and elbows straight.
  • Breathe in and slowly lower the bar till it touches the lower chest beside your armpits. While you lower, widen your elbows out slightly.
  • Then, breathe out and push the bar up, keeping your back flat and wrists straight.
  • Repeat this chest exercise 8-12 times in a set of 3.

2. Pec Deck

Pec Deck

This terrific chest exercise delivers to build strength mainly by isolating the muscles. Remember not to go overboard with the muscles, especially if you have had a chest injury in the past or if you are new to this chest exercise. Execute these steps to perform pec decks exercise for the chest correctly.

  • Put your feet firm on the ground with a shoulder-width distance.
  • Now, with your back firmly placed against the seat, raise your arms until they reach shoulder level.
  • Next, put your elbows on the middle of the pad on the wings of the machine.
  • Now push the wings together with a good form in a smooth and slow movement and stop just before touching.
  • Reverse your hands to the starting position slowly.

3. Incline Dumbbell Fly

Incline Dumbbell Fly

Unlike the flat version of this chest exercise, the inclined dumbbell fly works better on the upper pectoral muscles. This is so because this chest workout offers a better range of motion. These steps are straightforward for you to perform incline dumbbell fly-

  • With the feet firm on the floor, hold a dumbbell in both hands and lie on the inclined bench.
  • Now, simply press your shoulders, head, back, and hips towards the bench. Bring the dumbbells near your chest and armpits and hold them with your palms facing inward. However, remember to keep the wrists straight.
  • Breathe out, pull your abs, and gradually press the dumbbells up directly above your chest. Then, with your arms shoulder-width apart, keep the elbows straight.
  • Breathe in and lower the dumbbells slowly, forming a wide arc till they reach the level of your chest. The dumbbells should be parallel.
  • In the same arc, “fly” the dumbbells towards the ceiling.


Hopefully, you now should have understood that the right strategy and tips combined with the chest exercises will make your journey of building a chiseled chest easy. In addition, understanding your subjective body requirement will help you increase the size of the chest fast. Therefore, it is vital to take advice from a professional trainer before you hit your pecs. Also, keep in mind to maintain a high-quality form even if you perform a basic chest workout. With all of these concerted efforts, your godly chest is on its way!

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