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How To Increase Oxygen Level At Home Naturally?

Ways to Increase Oxygen Level at Home Naturally

Breathless and shortness of breath is great discomfort. In these challenging times of the COVID 19 pandemic, everyone wants to know how to increase blood oxygen levels to stay healthy. To do so at home, it is also vital to understand what are healthy blood oxygen levels. As it is apparent that most people are losing their lives due to the low availability of oxygen in these unfortunate circumstances, it is also crucial to know about low blood oxygen levels: symptoms, causes, and treatment

The red blood cells in the body carry the oxygen from the lungs and keep the constant reparation of tissues on. Unfortunately, people who get Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or other lung disorders have to resort to oxygen therapy or oxygen supplements. They do so because there is only this short shot solution to cope with the lack of oxygen that causes chronic breathing problems. Runny nose, headache, nausea, fatigue are some common symptoms of shortness of breath. These problems give much importance to the question of how to increase the blood oxygen level. 

To avoid such situations or stop the mild problems from worsening, we need to understand how to increase blood oxygen levels. While we all are aware of the tips and tricks to breathe better and boost immunity, it is still mandatory to keep the respiratory system under check. Our lungs are like permanent oxygen cylinders that God has placed in the chest. The efficient production and distribution of oxygen through our lungs and are necessary for us to live healthily. Hence, it is wise to keep the natural way to increase oxygen in blood handy to combat respiratory problems. Let us now see some best natural ways to increase oxygen in the blood. 

Tips for How to Increase Blood Oxygen Level Naturally-

Below we present you the list of the best natural ways to increase the blood oxygen level. They will answer all your queries about how to increase blood oxygen levels instantly. These tips will also assist you in understanding how to check blood oxygen levels at home. 

1. Wondering How To Increase Blood Oxygen Level Naturally To Avoid Any Incident of Breathing Problem? Eat a Healthy and Balanced Diet!

A healthy and balanced diet is a must for the general well-being of a person. Adding antioxidant-rich foods to the diet to maintain decent oxygen levels is a sure short solution to curb the confusion of how to increase blood oxygen levels. 

Antioxidants encourage the body to use and evenly distribute oxygen efficiently. This also makes sure to improve immunity and boost healthy digestion. The best dietary sources of antioxidants are berries (strawberries, blackberries, and cranberries), plums, kidney beans, and most fruits. 

Another nutrient that can help increase the amount of oxygen in hemoglobin that the bloodstream can carry is fatty acids. Fatty acids like vitamin F can be easily found in flaxseeds, soybeans, and walnuts. 

2. Throw Inactivity Out And Know How To Increase Oxygen Levels In The Body Naturally. 

Regular exercise is vital for a healthy lifestyle. Are you someone who has got breathing problems? Then there are some effective home remedies you can try to get instant relief. Moreover, simple aerobic or mild activities such as brisk walking, climbing stairs, and doing yoga help better use oxygen while throwing out the waste from the body’s lymphatic system. Many studies and researches suggest that daily exercise of 15-20 minutes is effective in keeping the respiratory system healthy. A rigorous gym workout is not needed as moderate exercises are enough to do this essential task. Just regular walking offers ample health benefits like uplifting mood, reducing stress, and maintains a healthy heart. 

3. Doctors Tell Correct Breathing Method To Address The Query Of How To Increase Oxygen Levels-

Doctors usually use ABG testing and pulse oximeter to check oxygen levels. When the oxygen levels go abnormal, doctors suggest a few ways to breathe in an appropriate manner. This includes breathing from the nose and not from the mouth. Deep breathing is one instant method that can help with shortness of breath. So if you are someone who encounters breathing issue frequently and do not know how to increase blood oxygen level instantly, you can easily try this at home. 

Another problem that doctors notice in patients with breathing issues is that they use their upper lungs for breathing instead of the diaphragm. Using the diaphragm for breathing is vital to maintain healthy oxygen levels in the blood and effortless breathing. There are a few breathing exercises that a person can resort to for doing this.

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4. To Know How To Increase Blood Oxygen Levels Stay In A Clean Environment 

Staying in clean air and environment can save you some time from thinking about how to increase blood oxygen levels naturally. COPD and serious lung disorders can aggravate easily if a clean environment is not provided to the patient. This is why it is recommended to spend time around trees to get rid of breathing issues.

People can use beeswax candles to purify the air at home. A beeswax candle is a traditional method to purify the surrounding air. It does not emit smoke but produces negative ions that remove the toxins from the air. Moreover, nowadays, advanced technology offers a range of air purifiers in the market. They can easily be installed to purify the polluted air at home.

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5. Stay Hydrated And Understand How To Increase Blood Oxygen Levels By Drinking Water!

Our body consists of almost 70% of water. Staying deprived of water for a few days can take away life. Hence drinking enough water is vital for normal body functioning. It makes sense to drink a lot of water to understand how to increase blood oxygen levels at the cellular level. It regulates body temperature, lubricates joints, allows cells to repair and what not! 

Ionized water is a micro-clustered form of water with water molecules in tiny groupings. This is why this water provides a good amount of hydration and better oxygenation in the cells. It is also wise to avoid a high intake of caffeinated beverages, high sodium foods, and alcohol as these all can dehydrate the body quickly. It is thus wise to keep a water bottle with you to measure the water intake. It helps in developing the habit of drinking 3-4 liters of water throughout the day. Health professionals suggest drinking 8 8-oz. glasses of water in a day.

These tips will assist you in understanding how to increase blood oxygen levels with all-natural methods holistically. These are not just home remedies but life-saving practices at these tough times. Thus it is wise to adopt these as daily life habits.

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