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Overcome Lack of Energy: Understand Causes And Solution of Fatigue

Overcome Lack of Energy: Understand Causes And Solution of Fatigue

Modern life can be hectic enough to suck out energy and motivation from your life. Feeling groggy in the morning, struggling to get out of bed, and feeling lousy all day long are some of the symptoms of lack of energy and motivation. Are you someone witnessing a lack of energy? Someone who cannot remember the last time they felt energetic? If the answer to these questions is yes, then it’s time for you to improve energy levels in the body. Lack of energy or problems like fatigue and tiredness can directly impact your daily life performance and productivity. Knowing how to boost energy while being tired, along with endurance tips, is vital in this regard. Therefore, if you were searching for ways to boost stamina and energy, you have stopped by the right place!

If you think your problem of lack of energy is invincible, here we are to let you know that you’ve got this! The lack of energy causes can be physical and mental; however, these are not something your willpower cannot fight. Hopefully, you will be able to boost your energy and stamina to lead a happy life through this comprehensive guide that will help you discover the lack of energy causes. Furthermore, it will enlighten you on how to boost your energy when you feel tired and achieve your daily goals satisfactorily.

Lack of Energy Causes

Various factors in your life constantly impact your energy levels. The below-given section of the article will deal with the lack of energy causes, namely psychological, lifestyle-based, and medical factors. You’ll be happy to know that most of these lack of energy causes have solutions that we will discuss later in this article.

1. Psychological Factors

Psychological Factors of Lack of Energy

Psychological factors are the leading lack of energy causes of modern life. They are the underlying reasons people with a lack of energy and low self-esteem feel demotivated and tired most of the time. Below given are the psychological factors that make people feel a lack of energy, mental fatigue, and tiredness.

A. Stress

You may think that stress is a part of life, but prolonged stress can prove to be a slow poison for your energy and productivity. Problems like hectic jobs, family quarrels, financial crises, or emotional weakness can cause severe stress leading to a lack of energy all the time.

If you want to recognize your stress in order to deal with your lack of energy, first notice the potential symptoms of stress. For instance, constant stress can make you feel extreme fatigue, concentration problems, and deprived of sound sleep. This happens because when you are stressed, your body automatically adopts a response situation of “fight or flight” as your nervous system starts releasing the stress hormone. During a stressful situation, your muscles get tighter, your body starts sweating, and your heart starts racing, which may even cause breathing problems. While most people can recover from temporary stress, prolonged release of cortisol can prove to be lethal.

B. Lack Of Motivation

There can be many reasons a person feels a lack of energy due to lack of motivation. People who have mental health issues such as anxiety and depression or who cannot comprehend their purpose for life are usually the key victims of lack of motivation. Other causes of lack of motivation could be grief, being clueless about aim, low self-esteem, etc.

2. Lifestyle Based Factors

Lifestyle Based Factors - Lack of Energy

Some people choose to live their lives with discipline and feel a lack of energy less often than others. However, people who face problems keeping up with their daily routine may experience fatigue and tiredness more frequently. Below mentioned are the lifestyle-based causes that may give rise to lack of energy and motivation-

A. Sleep Issues

Science has time and again proven the physical and mental health implications of sound sleep. No or less sound sleep can significantly contribute to your lack of energy. To combat such a situation, one must also understand their best sleeping position. Lack of proper sleep may also cause impaired thinking, poor memory, frequent mood swings, poor concentration, etc.

B. Work Burnout

Long working hours or irregular work shifts can deplete your energy. Prolonged working in this manner can pose a serious threat to your health. In addition, lack of energy due to work burnout can disrupt your sleep cycle, causing immense fatigue and tiredness all day long. The key symptoms of work burnout are frequent mood swings, insomnia, irregular appetite, poor immunity, etc.

C. Poor Diet and Sedentary Behaviour

You must already know the impact of what you eat and drink on your energy levels. You must have also seen long articles and videos on choosing the right balanced diet to improve your energy and manage weight. So, when you know that a poor diet directly relates to your lack of energy, you must also know that you will not be able to perform to your full potential without proper nutrition. A poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle involving frequent alcohol consumption, drugs or smoking, can cause chronic fatigue and tiredness, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, and even cancer.

D. Lack of Regular Exercise

While workout has been commonly challenging for many people, the “stay home, stay safe” pandemic mantra has made it even more difficult. Earlier it was easy to go for a round at the nearby park or office lobby. However, the remote work and outing restrictions have stretched the sitting hours leading to reduced physical activity. Unfortunately, the price you pay for it is a lack of energy and other bodily problems such as weak leg and back muscles, postural issues, weight gain, stiff neck, etc.

3. Medical Factors of Lack of Energy

Medical Factors or Causes of Lack of Energy

Many underlying medical conditions can hold you back from boosting your performance and productivity. It is unfortunate, but most people with medical conditions face a lack of energy. Below are some common medical factors responsible for the lack of energy among many people.

A. Inflammation

Inflammation is more like your body’s way of resisting harmful things such as toxins, infections, and injuries. It is a responsive technique of the body to protect itself from cellular damage by releasing antibodies and proteins. Normally, this response lasts for a few hours or days. However, in the case of chronic fatigue, the after-effects of inflammation can linger for months and even years. They can give rise to an acute lack of energy and health conditions such as fever, pain, rashes, infections, etc.

B. Chronic Fatigue

The medical condition known as chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS arises when a person suffers from chronic fatigue and tiredness for more than 6 months. Nor rest nor physical activity makes people overcome this condition. A person can suffer from ill memory, continuously disturbed sleep, and recurring dizziness during CFS.

C. Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that indicates ineffective use of insulin in the body when the pancreas becomes inefficient to regulate insulin secretion. High blood sugar, i.e., hyperglycemia, is a condition arising out of uncontrolled sugar levels. It can lead to serious damage in the body, particularly the blood vessels and nerves. Diabetes can be a primary cause behind lack of energy; a recent study of 2014 revealed that around 8.5% of people of age 18 or above have diabetes.

D. Anemia

Anemia is a medical condition where red blood cells and hemoglobin drop significantly. While some people may only experience a lack of energy while having anemia, others may experience symptoms like fatigue, shortness of breath, pale skin, racing heart, etc.

Solution Of Lack Of Energy

Now that you have seen some of the common and blatant reasons behind lack of energy, extreme fatigue, and tiredness, it’s time to gear up to fight these problems. Yes, it can be tough and challenging, but you can overcome these problems by following simple tips and techniques that help boost energy with some faith and dedication.

1. Focus On Your Nutrition

Focus On Your Nutrition

Lack of energy is unbeatable if you do not consume proper nutrients vital for the body. Lack of energy in this way lets you know about foods not to eat and foods to eat.

Healthy and nutritious eating habits can gradually revive your energy and motivation. Also, drinking plenty of water and including nutritious fruits jampacked with essential nutrients into your daily routine can yield you fast results to reduce fatigue and tiredness. In addition, including wholesome foods such as eggs and milk can help you form a proper nutrition schedule.

2. Do Regular Exercise

Do Regular Exercise

You can trick your low energy levels by following proper physical activity regularly. Be it running, cycling, performing yoga asana, or anything else, regular exercise can calm your mind and help you gain your lost energy. Other than this, regular physical can help you gradually set a beginner’s workout routine and then a strength training program for you. Ultimately exercises help you improve your mood, gain sound sleep, lose weight, and so much more.

3. Supplements


It may surprise some people, but yes, clean and effective supplementation can help you overcome a lack of energy quite fast. Natural ingredients such as ginger, turmeric, and mint have proven benefits to calm stress and relieve anxiety therapeutically. You can fulfill your daily value intake of nutrients through supplementation by consuming protein shakes, vitamin B12, iron, and other important nutrients.

Other than the chemical-based supplements of vital nutrients, you can also rely on natural supplements to improve your energy levels. For example, Shilajit is one powerful ayurvedic roushadi that can revive your energy and strength in no time. Similarly, if you are looking for something natural and effective to relieve your stress and anxiety, ashwagandha can be your go-to solution.

4. Improve Your Sleep Cycle

Improve Your Sleep Cycle

If you wish to improve energy levels in the body, sound sleep is a must as it ensures mental resilience and enhances productivity. To improve your sleep cycle, you can understand it’s working through the stages involved and the REM (rapid eye movement). The normal sleep of a human being lasts for 4-5 sleep cycles. Uneasy sleep can lead to a lack of energy and mornings with grumpy feels. Therefore, you must ensure successful completion of these sleep cycles simply by adopting healthy bed habits for sound sleep. Try to avoid drinking coffee or eating heavy meals in the later evening. Create a dark and cozy room ambiance, reduce blue light exposure, and fix your sleep and wake-up time.

5. Develop Healthy Habits To Deal With Stress

Develop Healthy Habits To Deal With Stress

Mental health issues are the leading cause of lack of energy in contemporary times. Developing healthy habits to deal with stress can be immensely helpful here. Of course, avoiding unhealthy habits such as consuming alcohol and smoking is a must to effectively deal with low energy and stress. Practicing mindfulness, meditating, deep breathing, talking to people you look up to in life, or seeking professional counseling can help you recover from low mental energy and stress.

In addition, finding creative or motivating habits that you enjoy can also relieve your anxiety and pump your energy. For instance, learning any art such as music or painting can help your mind soothe and get back to productive thinking.

Conclusion: Blow The Lack Of Energy In You

So, it’s time to get happy, hearty, and optimistic about life! Hopefully, putting the above-given understanding and tips into practice will efficiently make you deal with the lack of energy. Say goodbye to fatigue and tiredness by finding what you love; while it may take some time and effort, in the end, it will be all worth it! You will feel energetic and accomplish the daily goals even if you take baby steps to combat a lack of energy. Improving your energy will also boost your confidence and certainly push procrastination away. So, as the exciting life awaits, sustain your energy to work towards building the best version of yourself!

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