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List of Daily Exercises – The Best and Easiest Workouts

The Best and Easiest Workouts: List of Daily Exercises

Do you find yourself stuck between the complex list of exercises on the internet, tough to replicate? Or do you go to the gym and hate your trainer who hands you the repetitive list of exercises daily? If that is the case, then you have stopped by at the right place! The internet is swamped with many lists of workout exercises, but most of them are either too difficult or ineffective. This article will discuss some of the easiest and effective basic exercises that you can do at home also.

Everyone expects results, and they want them fast. You do not have to research a lot to find a suitable list of exercises for you. Whether it is a big biceps workout or a core strengthening routine, plenty of the best workouts evolved during the time that can efficiently target your issues. When you follow that definitive list of exercises, you need to be patient and adopt the correct execution. We will discuss some basic exercises you must have seen before and a list of different exercises in combination to experience variety in your fitness routine. Without any further adieu, get your sports shoes on to witness the perfect list of exercises to get you back on the fitness track!

List Of Exercises For Fitness

Before getting into technicality, let us get the basics right! First, you should know at least an exercise list which consists of different workouts. These workout exercises will not only let you enjoy a variety but will also stick your interest in the daily fitness routine.

Below we will discuss the full-body workout exercises. If you are a beginner, you can start with two sets of each with 10-15 repetitions. Also, do not forget to take a rest for a minute or two between each set. A 15 minutes cycle is the best exercise routine for a beginner.


List of Planks Exercises

Plank is a superb exercise for the core as well as the abdomen. The top workout among the list of exercises ensures to keep the core of the body strong. Different types of planks might also become your go-to exercise for lower back pain relief. There are various types of planks people follow in their workout exercises according to their suitability. The list of exercises involving planks are as follows-

1. Downward Dog Plank

This plank exercise for the core keeps the upper body at work. It also focuses on the should strengthening the arms as well. For performing this basic workout, the body should form a triangle with the hands and feet stationary; hips should pike up with you trying to have a peek at your feet.

2. Shoulder Taps

This is a variation in the exercise workout where while planking, one has to rapidly lift one hand to tap the other shoulder and bring it back down. A person has to do it with alternate hands quickly. However, make sure the movement stays under control, meaning no wiggles!

3. Side Plank

These are easy ones among the list of exercises that involve planks as the basic workout. One can perform them either in low or high positions. To make it even more challenging, stretch the top arm and try to reach the ceiling.

4. Plank Walk-Ups

You have to start in a high plank position with hands on the ground and then gradually move to a lower plank position. Resting the arms get back up to the high plank position and move one arm at a time.

5. Chaturanga Planks

This one is nothing but the push-up position held for a few seconds. During this basic workout, you can feel the fat burn up!

6. Bird Dogs

Bird dogs are pretty famous among the list of exercises people do initially. For performing this, you have to slowly raise the opposite arm as well as leg till they are horizontal, and yes, this is while you start from a plank position, bring them low after a few seconds, and switch sides.

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Bridge Exercises by Woman

Bridges are a great workout exercise for beginners to target the glutes. Regardless of the fitness level, bridges are one of the most versatile workouts on the list of exercises. It mainly focuses on the posterior chain and back of the legs. Lying on the back with your legs and feet on the ground, you need to pull yourself up to form a bridge with your body. Let us see the list of exercises that you can perform with bridge variation:

1. Pointing Legs Out

This one targets the outside of glutes and thighs. First, one has to get flat on the back with toes out at 45 degrees. Then slightly push your hips up that will make you feel stress in the thighs. Make sure you keep the pressure on the toes and not on the knees during the movement.

2. Point Legs Forward

To perform this workout exercise, you have to keep the knees closer to target the inner thighs as well as the glute muscles. The position is almost similar to the above bridge exercise; the only variation is that the toes have to be pointed straightly forward, and the knees should top the toes.


Push-Ups Gif Image

Push-ups are a famous workout among the list of exercises that people employ during usual or resistance workouts. You need to keep your hands and feet steady on the ground facing the floor and then lift the body, pushing it back up. Push-ups are nothing but solid planks with the help of the core. Don’t worm your way up; that’s cheating!

1. Decline Push-Ups

This top workout among the list of workouts keeps your shoulders and upper chest at work. All you have to do is keep your feet on a stack of plates or a bench that is a little wider than usual for a balance. To make the push-up more challenging, perform a bird dog.

2. Weighted Push-Ups

Weighted push-ups are regular push-ups, but with striving for a bumper plate, balanced on the back.

3. Plyometric Push-Ups

Keep the bumper plates right outside the standard hand push-up position. Do one push-up as usual, but speed up while going up. Then gradually come back down with both hands on the bumper plate. Now, perform one broad grip push-up and try to jump back down.

4. Bosu or Med Ball Push-Ups

The regular incline push-up becomes not so easy when you do it on an unstable surface such as a Bosu or medicine ball.

5. Ring Push-Ups

By switching from ball to rings, you can make push-ups even more challenging and incorporate additional core control. Hang just a few inches away from the floor; you can efficiently perform ring push-ups.

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Lunges top the list of exercises as they are the most efficient lower body workouts. They strengthen the lower body, carrying the bodyweight effortlessly, and help you attain those fitness goals. You simply have to make a 90-degree angle with one leg forward your thigh to knee parallel to the ground. Then, put the pressure on the leg behind, bend it with the front leg lunging, and return to the starting position.

1. Walking Lunge

A walking lunge is nearly the same as the basic lunge but, it helps fasten the heart rate and burn that extra fat quickly with the additional movement. The variation is not returning to the standing position as in the regular lunge. Instead, you have to start lunging with the other leg. Because of the “walking motion” that you will end up with, this workout exercise is known as walking lunges.

2. Overhead Plate Lunges

You need a bumper plate for this exercise to hold it overhead with both hands. You can begin lunging with one foot after the other and walk your way through this one as well!

3. Jumping Lunges

This is the standard lunge you have among the list of basic exercises, but you can add the challenge of jumping directly up from the kneeling position and then substituting legs in the air!

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Squats and Leg Exercises-

Squats and Leg Exercises

Leg day is indeed the toughest for all fitness freaks. Nonetheless, there is a wide variety of these workouts on the fitness exercise list. Legs carry the body’s weight; this is why it is essential to strengthen them and make them rock solid for an entire body workout. Below given is a small list of different exercises for the legs.

1. Step-Ups

To perform this workout, choose a solid platform, preferably 20-24 inches high. Step up on it with one leg at a time, and stand firm on the platform. While doing this, make sure you are driving your entire body weight with one leg. The trail leg should touch the platform only once when you have stood all the way up.

2. Bulgarian Split Squats

This looks a lot like a lunge, but the back foot should be up on a bench. To perform this workout, you have to place your feet a shoulder-width apart to ensure a steady balance. For some exciting challenges, you can add dumbbells, barbells, or kettlebells.

3. Squat Jumps

To begin, perform a regular air squat. You should prefer to accelerate upwards instead of simply standing. At most, you need to jump a few inches only.

4. Pistol Squats

These are the typical single-leg alternating squats. You have to begin with both legs extended, but the performance points with the two legs still matter! Next up is picking one foot up and keeping it out in the front. Hold your toe for the balance! Then, taking the hips below, nearly parallel, squat with one leg. Avoid touching the heel to the floor, and do not bring the other leg on the floor until you’re back to the initial position.

5. Goblet Squats

This is a typical front squat on the list of basic exercises. The variation involves a heavy dumbbell or kettlebell held right below your chin.

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Summing Up! The List of Exercises

Fitness exercises are crucial when it comes to attaining the health goals of an individual. The list of exercises we have mentioned in this article is basic yet variant. Planks, push-ups, squats, etc., are all standard workout exercises that most fitness routines include. However, the variation of these basic exercises can make you witness some excellent fitness results. Thus, this list of exercises ensures the necessary but most effective workout routine.

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