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Most Absurd Myths About Fitness Exposed!

Most Absurd Myths About Fitness Exposed!

When it comes to fitness, one may fall into the trap of wrong advice because of fear of body-shaming. As a result, people keep tweaking their fitness routines as per those pieces of advice to tone up or slim down but does it really help? These could be the top myths about fitness that you blindly trust due to a lack of proper information. But, it’s time to take a deep breath and stop. In the world of fitness, fitness myths are just indispensable. So, first of all, do not feel guilty about falling for those fitness myths and facts. Though some myths about fitness may have cleared the air for sit-ups or crunches regarding the best abs workout for you or may have enabled you to pick a high protein diet, there are fitness myths that may do more harm than good. In order to save you from those absurd facts, this article will let you know about the top myths about fitness you need to watch out for!

The Top Myths About Fitness

You may have come across a lot of myths about dieting and fitness myths in your life. But some myths have been engraved as facts because of their popularity. Well, it’s time to separate facts and fiction! Avoiding the below-given myths about fitness will help you make the right decision for your fitness and follow the right workout routine, even if you are just a beginner. So, without any further delay, let’s cut to the chase and bust the top myths about fitness!

Myth 1- Muscles Transform Into Fat If You Don’t Work Out

Muscles Transform Into Fat If You Don’t Work Out

If you cling onto a lean diet plan and clang those dumbbells because you think your muscles would get wasted into fat, we’ve got news for you! It’s one of the most absurd fitness myths! Muscles mostly comprise protein, whereas fats have lipids. So, getting the chemical facts right, these two components cannot convert into each other. However, the lack of strength is the most harm your muscles can go through if you do not work out. Therefore, for the sake of your muscle vigor, you need to work out regularly.

Myth 2- Weight Training is Sufficient for Muscle Bulk-up

Weight Training is Sufficient for Muscle Bulk-up

Yes, strength training and weight training are essential to gain muscle. However, that is not all one needs to take into account during the muscle gain journey. A holistic approach that gives equal importance to diet and nutrition is the correct muscle-building approach. Therefore if the fitness myths tell you otherwise, keep in mind to walk right past them!

Myth 3- A Workout Session Must Last for An Hour

A Workout Session Must Last for An Hour

Workout sessions may involve a list of exercises that are easy but time-consuming. However, that does not mean you have to work out at least 60 minutes every day. Yes, that’s one of the top myths about fitness we just busted for you! Fitness influencers are raving about hours-long workouts to achieve a slim body, but that is so untrue. It’s the regularity and efficiency of your workout sessions that count and not the long unnecessary hours of exertion. 20-30 minutes of a workout session is perfectly fine to boost your fitness levels.

Myth 4- Morning Workouts Are Most Effective

Morning Workouts Are Most Effective

As the debate of when to drink protein shakes, the argument of when to do workouts to get the best effect is never-ending. So, that’s not exactly a fitness myth but an irrelevant contention. Regularity of what matters and not the time of workout when it comes to fitness. However, one prominent benefit of working out in the morning is that you get a robust start for your day and have the entire day for other activities.

Myth 5- Running Barefoot is Beneficial

Running Barefoot is Beneficial

Barefoot running is among the top myths about fitness that have gained popularity recently. People who believe in the barefoot running theory think that it’s natural and hence beneficial for fitness. However, that is so not the case! Shoes are critical for your workout regimen and endurance building as they protect and support your foot for several exercises. Therefore, running barefoot is an absurd fitness myth unless you run or walk on grass for therapeutic effects.

Myth 6- Only Abs Exercises Can Reduce Belly Fat

Only Abs Exercises Can Reduce Belly Fat

Abs add up to a significant part of a classic physique. But that does not imply you will achieve a set of gorgeous six-packs only through ab workouts. While there are a lot of myths about fitness associated with 6 pack abs; cardio, diet, and a well-planned routine along with ab exercises are also vital to get you the perfect v-shaped body.

Myth 7- More Sweat Means More Weight Loss

More Sweat Means More Weight Loss

Does sweating burns calories is a question that pops up in the mind of every fitness enthusiast. The answer clearly says that the amount of sweat you lose and the number of kilos you shed are not proportional. In simple words, sweating is just an outcome of a workout or exertion that takes place solely to cool down the body and not to burn calories.

Myth 8- People Above 40 Should Not Do Weight Lifting

People Above 40 Should Not Do Weight Lifting - Myths about fitness

Many people witness growing weakness as they age. However, that is not the case with every individual. Aging may deteriorate health and fitness but cannot prohibit you from working out. Therefore if someone tells you to stop working out after 40, know that it is a fitness myth. Apart from regular workouts, resistance training or a split workout routine can further promote bone growth and strengthening. However, proper supervision is vital to eliminate the chances of injuries and strains.

Myth 9- Pain Indicates The Benefits of Working Out

Pain Indicates The Benefits of Working Out - The myths about fitness

This is another top myth about fitness that may even cause harm to some people. Feeling the burn during workouts is sometimes fine, but if that pain becomes unbearable or drags for several days, there is definitely something wrong with your workout routine. Yes, you should not be proud of yourself for performing painful workouts all the time, as they may harm more than they benefit. Seek professional help if you are dealing with this type of situation.

Myth 10- Yoga is The Ultimate Solution for Pain

Myths about fitness - Yoga is The Ultimate Solution for Pain

Several yoga asanas offer therapeutic benefits to cope with pain, especially back pain. However, experts suggest that yoga can help people with muscle-related back pain and not extreme problems like a ruptured disc. So, it is vital to seek your doctor’s advice before you choose yoga as your guardian from pain, especially if you have pre-existing issues. Therefore, yoga may work as a relief measure for moderate and temporary pains but not as an ultimate solution for sore muscles.


The top myths about fitness discussed above are now finally busted for you. So next time you catch any of these fitness myths and facts, make sure you avoid these misconceptions and enlighten others too. Remember, your fitness expert is your savior when it comes to working out with the correct approach and avoiding absurd fitness narratives. Therefore, before introducing a new idea into your fitness routine, get your facts about it cleared through expert help and not merely by searching it on the internet. So, if you know more about such fitness myths, let us know about them in the comments section below!

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