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Utsaha Plant Protein

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Utsaha by Nature Sutra is a complete plant protein formulated for quick muscle recovery after workouts. The unique blend of powerful natural ingredients makes Utsaha stand out in the market full of protein supplements. The plant protein powder is enriched with all 9 essential amino acids, omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, and wholesome minerals. Hence, a

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Utsaha by Nature Sutra is a complete plant protein formulated for quick muscle recovery after workouts. The unique blend of powerful natural ingredients makes Utsaha stand out in the market full of protein supplements. The plant protein powder is enriched with all 9 essential amino acids, omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, and wholesome minerals.

Hence, as a plant protein supplement, Utsaha is a safe and high-quality energy nutrition source. The key features of our product include-

  • Provides quick and maximum muscle tissue recovery.
  • Ramps up the process to gain muscle mass
  • Offers strength and endurance
  • The smooth texture is easy to mix with water and swallow.
  • Complements nutrition and dietary goals.
  • Hypoallergenic- causes absolutely no allergies.
  • Easy on the gut, it offers quick absorption and easy digestion.


Utsaha is a dietary supplement with a 100% safe and natural formulation. Utsaha mainly offers quick muscle tissue recovery post-workout and strengthens immune function.


Utsaha contains all the essential amino acids, which are the building blocks for any type of protein. Our plant-based protein comes in a 1.2 kg pack consisting of 26 grams of complete protein per scoop and is sourced from the following healthy foods-

Brown Rice Protein- Contains natural fiber, protein, and starch
Pea Protein- Contains all nine branched-chain amino acids (BCCAs) and some iron.
Flax seeds- Stuffed with Omega 3 fatty acids, and decent amounts of lignans and fiber.
Pumpkin seeds- Filled with essential calories(make it minerals), proteins, fats, and fiber.

Dosage and Usage-

Mix 40 grams of a scoop of Utsaha plant protein with 280-300 ML of water. Blend the two well and enjoy the tasty protein shake.
You can consume it as a morning beverage or as a post-workout drink.


Q.1 What is Plant Protein?

Plant protein is that type of protein that is derived from plants such as seeds, peas, grains, soy, etc. These foods are direct sources of plant protein. There are now many supplements available in the market that extract protein from these sources to prepare complete forms of premade proteins. Plant proteins are highly nutritious and offer multiple vitamins, nutrients, and a good amount of fiber.

Q.2 What are the benefits of plant protein?

Along with offering building blocks (amino acids) that help repair and recover muscle tissues, plant proteins offer a storm of strength and energy into the body. Plant protein offers fewer calories making it ideal for weight loss. It also contains good amounts of fiber which makes protein absorption and digestion much easier.

Q.3 How does plant protein work?

The human body can produce non-essential amino acids; however, it cannot produce the essential branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) on its own. This is why food sources or nutrition supplements are needed to fulfill the protein requirements. The plant protein can fulfill the void of protein in the body by offering all the essential amino acids along with many other vital nutrients.

Q.4 Who can consume plant protein?

Anyone can consume plant protein from bodybuilders, gym freaks to people trying to cope with protein deficiency. In addition, people who deal with underlying diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, weight issues can also consume plant protein. However, some types of plant proteins, such as grain-based or soy-based, are not recommended to people who have gluten sensitivity or some other allergy. Hence, it is best to consult a nutritionist or health expert before choosing the right type of protein for you.

Q.5 Why choose plant protein over animal protein?

Some studies indicate that plant protein can manage weight as well as health concerns like diabetes. In addition, the immense amount of fiber and good bacteria which is present in plant protein and not animal protein makes protein absorption and digestion easy and quick. And, of course, plant proteins are cruelty-free and environmentally friendly, unlike animal protein.

Q.6 What is the best way to consume plant protein?

The best way to consume any nutrient, and not just protein, is to eat it directly from the food. However, sometimes due to differential physical needs, people may require additional sources of protein. Hence, safe and reliable brands of protein supplements can be added to the daily diet after a health expert’s recommendation.

Q.7 Can people on medications consume plant protein?

The answer to this question strictly depends on what the health professional recommends, as, in some people, even the safest dietary supplements may cause side effects.

Q.8 How plant protein benefit bodybuilders?

Plant proteins offer a quick and effortless muscle tissue reparation post-workout. They are mostly safe and easy on the gut, unlike animal proteins which may be hard to digest for some people. Continuous use of plant protein like Utsaha for 6-8 weeks can make a fitness enthusiast notice some excellent results for muscle mass and overall body fitness.

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11 reviews for Utsaha Plant Protein

  1. Naman

    I am 38 years old, and I was looking for a 100% natural plant protein powder comprised of clean nutrition sources for a long time. After trying multiple brands, I finally landed on Utsaha by Nature Sutra. It is the best plant protein powder for me as it is clearly free from stuffed artificial ingredients and has helped me gain my energy back. I ordered a 400 grams pack in the flavor cafe mocha, which tastes delicious. I am looking forward to trying other products from the brand. I hope it helps me with immunity building. Thanks, Nature Sutra, for such an awesome and affordable plant protein powder!

  2. Ravi

    The plant protein powder Utsaha by Nature Sutra is a game-changer for me!! I have tried other protein powders as well, but I wanted to enrich my diet with something natural and healthy. Well, well, I found a winner; this product is by far the best plant protein powder I have come across! I drink this delicious plant protein powder daily as a smoothie, and it has definitely not disappointed me. I felt like my energy has revived, and I am able to work out longer with each passing day. It’s highly recommended! Thanks, Nature Sutra!

  3. Shreyas

    My fitness trainer recommended me this new launch by Nature Sutra. Utsaha has become the best plant protein powder for me for multiple reasons. First of all, it tastes amazing and is really affordable. Secondly, despite being so yummy, it works as a perfect strength supplement. Finally, I have reduced my egg intake as I do not feel the need to bulk up myself with egg protein. This plant protein powder is now my staple for my protein needs. Go for it without any second thought!

  4. Arun

    I am dealing with PCOS, and after trying a hoard of products, I finally ordered this plant protein powder Utsaha by Nature Sutra. After one week of use, I can tell you that the product does what it claims when it comes to energy. It has certainly improved my metabolism and hormonal balance. It holds a unique blend of essential amino acids, along with being free from gluten and preservatives. It has also helped me in my weight management, so I love to drink this after my workouts. This has certainly become the best plant protein powder for me!

  5. Neeraj Gurjar

    If you are someone who has undergone a thyroid diagnosis like me, trust me, this plant protein powder by Utsaha is a savior for you!! It has made it really easy for me to manage my hormonal imbalance. I also had some weight issues, but Utsaha has covered that as well! For me, it’s a miracle in the jar, so I highly recommend it to all the girls out there struggling with thyroid issues. You will definitely see results after 10-15 days of continuous use.

  6. swati skumar

    Utsaha by Nature Sutra is ultimate for weight loss! I was stuck on whey protein, but I switched to plant protein as now I try to mold my diet in a natural direction. I have been drinking this delicious plant protein powder for 14 days now. I have witnessed 1.5 kg weight loss which is till now significant for me. Most of my lethargic mood swings are under control, and out of all the weight loss measures I take, Utsaha has played a big role. Also, the flavor of this plant protein powder is surprisingly heavenly! I drink it roughly an hour before my exercise as recommended by my trainer, and I feel energized and satiated till hours later. So, I give it a big thumbs up and suggest people go natural with Utsaha!

  7. Somya

    Sturdy Packaging! I received the product recently and I must say that the condition of the plant protein powder was absolutely amazing. I am trying to add it gradually to my dietary routine. With the safe and hygienic packaging, the taste of this plant protein powder by Nature Sutra is also great. For me, it’s so far a good situation and I am excited to see its results!!

  8. Amitabh

    No nonsense ingredients- I ordered the product to add extra protein to my diet. Although I have not seen dramatic results yet, one thing I can say for sure is that the product is made up of all-natural and safe ingredients. I have food allergies but I observed no reaction consuming this plant protein powder by Nature Sutra. So, if you have food sensitivities but want to add protein to your diet like me, go for Utsaha!

  9. Lito Thomas

    Responsive Product! This product, Utsaha by nature sutra, is simply awesome and has worked for me while i was trying to recover from surgery. First of all, it contains all the 9 essential amino acids, which is a pretty big deal for a plant protein powder like this one. I am impressed with the cruelty-free tag as well, along with the fact that it provides the goodness of rice, pea, flaxseeds, and soy all in one place! The only downside is the limited flavors of the product. Apart from that, it is a responsive and decent protein powder.

  10. Kavita Yadav

    Being a fitness enthusiast, I know the importance of Protein for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. So, I can say with pride that I made the right choice by picking Utsaha by Nature Sutra. This incredible plant protein powder sorts all my protein worries for me and my husband. It has a sweet to neutral taste which gives you the freedom to use it in any way you desire. I prefer drinking it with my coffee and like the cafe mocha flavor, but you can easily prepare a smoothie or a milk shaking by adding some ice cream for a great taste.

  11. Love Malhotra

    Versatile Protein Powder! I am 28 years old and currently battling with a hectic work-life balance. Obviously, my nutrition gets compromised as I tackle my busy schedule. I ordered Utsaha by Nature Sutra 4 weeks ago, and I can safely say that it has taken care of my protein and nutritive needs. I think to witness the best of it, I will need to make some healthy changes to my overall lifestyle. Till now, I have seen beneficial results in my energy and stamina. So, if you are struggling to fulfill your nutrition needs with a natural supplement like a plant protein powder, go for this one!

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