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The Power Of Protein In Kala Chana: It’s Benefits And More!

The Power Of Protein In Kala Chana: It’s Benefits And More!

A balanced diet should be a significant part of your life. Yes, other things in life matter, but you can preserve nothing if you put your health at risk. So, healthy foods such as green vegetables, legumes, pulses, etc., should be your go-to choice when it comes to diet. Today, we will talk about one such legume: The mighty Kala chana! As you know, legumes top the list of vegan protein sources, and Kala chana is no exception for this food group. Protein in Kala chana is also overwhelming and helps improve overall health. The benefits of black chana or Kala chana are not something you must be unfamiliar with. Many people derive the benefits of Kala chana by adding it into their daily meals as another diet or natural fat burner food.

Protein in Kala chana has popularized its benefits but did you know it is available in two varieties? Yes, they go by the names of desi chana and Kabuli chana. People choose among them as per their preference and availability of the legume. This said, let us dive into the benefits of Kala chana and understand what the hype is all about!

Nutritional Value of Kala Chana

Nutritional Value of Kala Chana

Protein in Kala chana, along with fiber and carbs, make it a perfect food for fitness and bodybuilding meals. Not only these, but the benefits of Kala chana also come from its incredible content of vitamins such as vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin B12, folate, riboflavin, niacin, minerals such as copper, iron, manganese, and phosphorus. So as Kala chana is nutrient-dense and is a perfect fit for a high protein diet, it promotes muscle mass, boosts immunity, and is excellent for overall well-being. Below given is the content of protein in Kala chana (1 cup) along with other valuable nutrients-

  • Protein- 10.7 grams
  • Fiber- 9.6 grams
  • Carbs- 35 grams
  • Calories- 210
  • Iron- 4.7 mg
  • Fats- 3.8 grams
  • Sodium- 322 mg
  • Sugar- 6 grams

Benefits of Black Chana

As mentioned earlier, Black chana is a member of the nutritious legumes family. The protein in Kala chana is so desirable that while some people are hung up on when to drink protein shakes, many people add Kala chana as their post-workout snack. Do you also want to add a nutritious snack for your munching cravings? You’ve got all these benefits of Kala chana to make it your go-to snack!

1. Controls Cholesterol

Controls Cholesterol

The higher fiber content in Kala chana makes it rank low on the glycemic index. In addition, the soluble fiber in black chana brings together the bile acids and prevents their absorption by the body. These benefits of Kala chana reduce cholesterol levels and have a similar impact as eggs. Therefore, regular consumption of around half a cup of Kala chana helps decrease total cholesterol triglycerides and LDL cholesterol.

2. Regulates Diabetes

Regulates Diabetes

You can serve the benefits of Kala chana into the diet plan for people with diabetes. Black chana contains slowly digesting carbs that help keep a check on sugar levels. Furthermore, eating foods with less complex carbs contributes to insulin resistance and reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

3. Rich Source of Iron

Rich Source of Iron

The ample protein in Kala chana can boost your energy and can also prevent grotesque diseases like anemia. This makes Kala chana particularly healthy for women with periods issues, pregnant and lactating women. Moreover, iron is an indispensable part of the daily diet as it performs the imperative task of channeling oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body.

4. Clean Protein

Clean Protein

Kala chana is one of the safest, cheapest, and healthiest sources of protein. It becomes even perfect for vegetarians if combined with whole-grain protein. The benefits of Kala chana ensure that vegetarians and vegans are not devoid of high-quality protein sources.

5. Helps Overcome Digestive Problems

Helps Overcome Digestive Problems

Black chana has high-quality fiber that is known for keeping the digestive tract clean. As the fiber reduces the strain on the intestines, it reduces the occurrence of gut problems such as acidity and constipation. So, to relieve stomach discomfort, take the benefits of Kala chana by eating it first thing in the morning after soaking it overnight. You can sprinkle some ginger powder or eat it with jeera water to boost its impact on your system.

6. Facilitates Weight Loss

Facilitates Weight Loss

Black chana is a rich fiber source that helps elevate hunger pangs and reduces appetite. This further curbs unnecessary munching and calorie intake. Furthermore, Kala chana benefits for the digestive tract further stimulate a healthy weight loss process. Traditional medical practitioners have been telling the benefits of eating soaked Kala chana in the morning for the stomach.

7. Improves Skin

Improves Skin

Besides all of these amazing benefits of Kala chana, it also works beautifully for the skin. The presence of manganese helps infuse new energy into the cells that enable the skin to fight against aging. As a result of fighting free radicals, it also combats wrinkles and may restore skin elasticity. In addition, vitamin B fuels the cells to cleanse and brighten up the skin. Simply mix black chana paste with a pinch of turmeric and apply the mixture to your face. Leave this black chana face pack to sit on your face for 15 minutes and then wash off with cold water. This home remedy may work to fade your age spots and make your face radiant.

Ways of Consuming Kala Chana

Ways of Consuming Kala Chana

1. Boiled or Steamed Kala Chana

As mentioned earlier, the benefits of eating soaked Kala chana in the morning are already popularised by Ayurveda and traditional medical practitioners. Apart from steaming, boiling may also retain the protein in Kala chana, and regular intake of boiled Kala chana can help improve immunity and boost strength. Also, according to Ayurveda, steaming or boiling legumes can balance Kapha and Pitta doshas.

2. Soaked Kala Chana

Consuming overnight soaked Kala Chana is the easiest and safest way to eat them. The benefits of eating soaked Kala chana in the morning along with breakfast include improved digestion and enhancement of taste buds. However, it is always advisable to eat them in moderate quantities to avoid problems like diarrhea.

Side Effects of Kala Chana

Side Effects of Kala Chana

Though the benefits of Kala Chana come with several health advantages, it is recommended to consume them in the soaked or boiled form in moderate amounts. The rich fiber content of Kala chana may cause stomach issues such as stomach upset, diarrhea, or bloating. It’s best for people who have legume allergies to avoid the consumption of boiled or soaked Kala chana. Consult a doctor immediately if you do not have any allergy but still face symptoms like rashes, cough, or headache on eating black chana.


Protein in Kala chana can offer people, especially vegetarians, a wonderful alternative against non-vegetarian protein sources. The legume also contains an array of vitamins and minerals that can suffice additional nutritional requirements. As it is an all-time available ingredient in Indian kitchens, people can cook delicious recipes with Kala chana.

The benefits of Kala chana, apart from cooking, are known for other purposes as well. For instance, chickpea serves as a fantastic ingredient in beauty products. Chickpea flour face packs help with skin tightening and combat aging. However, overeating of Kala chana may lead to diarrhea, stomach cramps, etc. To avoid such situations, always follow the principle of moderation while consuming legumes like Kala chana.

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