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Rejuvenate stamina with Himalayan Shilajit Resin by Nature Sutra®

Boost your energy level with our gold standard certified Shilajit.

Derived from aesthetic Himalayan mountains, 100% authentic Shilajit Resin by Nature Sutra® offers complete body strength and stamina revitalization.

What is Shilajit Resin by Nature Sutra®?

Shilajit is sticky plant matter that develops over centuries through the process of decomposition. This organic matter stored in age-old rocks contains mineral-rich deposits that ooze out due to excessive heat. Their primary location of this roushadhi is the Himalayan ranges; Shilajit for our product is collected from the highest of Himalayan altitudes where the rocks receive optimum sun exposure. This ensures the potency of Shilajit. The prime nutrients are fulvic acid and iron that provide innumerable health benefits. Its exceptional ability to boost energy, stamina and support the immune system is the reason it is gaining popularity quite fast these days.

Shilajit is one of the most potent Ayurveda compounds featuring 85+ minerals and ranks high on the ORAC scale. We are proud to claim that Shilajit Resin by Nature Sutra® is a gold standard product. Meaning, it has been obtained from rocks present on the Himalayas’ high altitudes, where reside the supreme quality of sticky Shilajit. We then formulate the finished Shilajit Resin by Nature Sutra® with optimum care and scrutiny to offer our customers the best grade of Shilajit. There are numerous benefits of trusting Nature Sutra as a brand. We provide our customers high quality and potent formulations of natural products. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

How to use Shilajit Resin?

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Take 500 mg- 1gm of Shilajit resin 1-3 times a day with any warm beverage of your choice.

Begin with small doses of Shilajit resin by Nature Sutra®. Later you can gradually go up as per your body needs.

Reclaim Health & Fitness with Shilajit Resin
Maintain Bone Health

Shilajit Resin by Nature Sutra® has terrific tissue repair and regeneration ability. The anti-inflammatory and anodyne action it performs on joints and muscles provides a speedy recovery from disorders such as arthritis and joint pain.

Improves Heart Health

Shilajit prevents entry of free radicals that cause oxidization in our blood. In simple words, it eases the tasks performed by the heart. It provides relief from breathing issues, stress, and anxiety resulting in giving you a happy and healthy heart.

Facilitates Weight Loss

Along with having rich content of anti-oxidants, Shilajit Resin by Nature Sutra® also contains effective anti-bacterial properties. It strengthens intestinal activity and abstinates constipation.

Manages Diabetes

Shilajit prevents leakage of sugar and albumin in urine and effectively treats diabetes. It also repairs and regenerates pancreas activity, which maintains the blood sugar level.

Other Benefits of Shilajit Resin by Nature Sutra®

Improves Reproductive Health

Shilajit has been used for years to enhance fertility in both men and women. One of the top Shilajit Resin benefits for men is that it helps boost libido and fertility. Shilajit Resin by Nature Sutra® improves reproductive health in both men and women. It maintains a regular menstrual cycle which enhances fertility in women and improves overall reproductive health.

Prevents Anemia

Anemia is caused due to a lack of enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate amounts of oxygen to the Body’s tissue. Women are more likely to have anemia as they lose blood every month during menstruation. Shilajit is a great supplement to boost iron levels and treat anemia as it contains high amounts of iron and humic acid.

Slows Down the Ageing process

Shilajit is one of the best anti-aging components across the globe and is an excellent source of antioxidants. It promotes skin regeneration and helps in reducing wrinkles, thus keeping the skin youthful. High amounts of fulvic acid in Shilajit help absorb nutrients from food, which stimulates the nourishment of the skin.

Manages Diabetes

Shilajit possesses the outstanding hypoglycemic property. Therefore Shilajit, if taken along with diabetic medications, helps regulate blood glucose levels and lipid profile in people with diabetes. Shilajit Resin by Nature Sutra® stimulates insulin production from the pancreatic β-cells and reduces the breakdown of starch into glucose. All this helps in lowering blood glucose levels.

Prevents Gut Problems

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of Shilajit helps in preventing gut problems. Also, benzoic acid present in Shilajit Resin by Nature Sutra® has antibacterial properties which suppress the growth of toxic bacteria in our gut, keeping it healthy. Because of its strong laxative nature, shilajit effectively prevents constipation and piles by softening the stool.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Shilajit is an age-old remedy for increasing the functioning of the brain. Shilajit Resin by Nature Sutra® helps cure Alzheimer’s, a progressive brain disorder that causes memory and thinking difficulties. Rich in fulvic acid, which prevents tau protein formation, Shilajit potentially reduces inflammation helping with symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Benefits of Shilajit Resin by Nature Sutra®


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Shilajit Resin by Nature Sutra® is 100% authentic, processed with caution and care to provide our customers the pure quality of the product. The premium product is completely natural and free from impurities. So what are you waiting for? Order from our website now to stay healthy with nature!