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The Supreme Strength Training Program

12-week strength training program

With the relaxation in the pandemic protocols, you must be wondering where to resume your gym training. Gym enthusiasts and fitness freaks are now done keeping up with the best list of exercises and desire to level up with the right strength training program. However, they obviously did not want to return to the workout for beginners. So, before giving up on intensive training, take the cacophony of iron and thudding of dumbbells to motivate yourself. Get ready to put on the weight and brace yourself to work harder for it.

If you have already tried the 5 day split workout routine, the strength training you wish to indulge yourself in might be easy on you. The body transformation workout plan will get a jump with this 12-week strength training program. Indeed the strength training program is a well-designed and phased routine that will ensure your gains. You will witness the growth of muscles and strength each passing day if you follow the strength training plan right.

You have to adhere to proper rest and nutrition while you keep up with the 12-week strength training. You will then eventually boost your rep game roughly by 25% on all the critical lifts of the strength training program. Excited already? Brace yourself for hardcore training sessions! Break down the below-given strength training program like a pro with vigor and dedication.

The Strength Training Program Split

You have to abide by the 25% up rule during the strength training program. This rule is nothing but pushing yourself as hard as possible to attain muscle gains fast. But, don’t forget pain is gain! Your hard work with the strength training program and striving for 25% extra workout each consecutive month of the 3-month training will win you a ravishing body with big biceps! As strength training is done only 3 days a week, it is also important to rest properly for the remaining days. A sound rest will ensure optimum muscle recovery from those tiring, intense workout sessions.

Weekly Strength Training Routine

Begin Strength Training Program By Evaluating Your Repetition Maximum (RM)

For starters, you have to evaluate how much weight you can lift for three reps is a prerequisite for the 12-week strength training program. This practice will also enable you to give yourself a pat on the back when you earn big gains at the end of this strength training plan. So, before you begin with the strength training program, devote one complete gym session to find out your 3 RM with multi-joint movements. Then, you should perform only one workout for an entire week before you pull off the strength training program. Hopefully, at the end of this practice, you will be able to assess your strengths and weaknesses and get a fair idea of how and what you will gain at the end of this strength training program.

In this prior week of the strength training program, warm-up for 5-10 minutes each day. Then, pick any workout that is light for you but in high rep sets. This will deliver your muscles a combination of warm-ups. Next, you have to select a weight that you can handle for the next 3 reps. If you manage to get through four more reps, go higher with the weights and another set. With this strategy, you can perform two sets of individual warm-ups before every workout. Take a rough idea from the below-given sample of exercise routine for the week before the strength training program.

Workouts for strength training program

The 12 Week Strength Training Program

Even if you wholeheartedly train body parts individually, with particular exercises such as chest muscles, triceps, leg extensions, etc., you still need a plan to achieve the final goal. The 12-week strength training program can fit all your workouts into a phased manner and a synchronized routine to land you towards enormous muscle gain! So let us now see how each of the 3 months of the strength training program gets your body working!

Month-1: Exclusive Strength Routine

Month-1: Exclusive Strength Routine

Although it may seem unproductive, growing strength unilaterally is the foremost condition to build overall body strength. So, if we talk in terms of strength and mass building, one-sided training is the best way to boost strength and grow muscle size fast. In addition, some studies show that training one muscle group simultaneously activates more muscle fibers and generates more force. This is simply because a single muscle workout demands more effort to move the body from one point to another when it has other muscles indulged. Therefore, the unilateral working of the muscles in the first month of the strength training program can maximize the number of faster-growing muscle fibers.

Core training that one gets through workouts such as crunches or sit-ups is another outstanding advantage of unilateral strength training. Therefore, the more you focus on core strengthening, the less likely you become prone to injuries. Hence, you will ace your lower chest workouts or lat exercises that involve workouts like bench press, dumbbell curls, squats, deadlifts, etc. Not only this, the first four weeks of unilateral workouts of the strength training program can help you rectify your muscular weaknesses. It happens because when you work on a body part, say your leg, individually, the other limb will not help it balance the movement much. However, in the first few weeks of exclusive training, it’s no problem to perform a few calculated cheat reps; but, try not to make it a habit for the later weeks.

Month-2: Low And High Rep Routine

Month-2: Low And High Rep Routine

It’s not merely an encouragement, but a fact that you must train heavy to achieve larger gains. Weight training that can give rise to muscle failure at seven or fewer reps is most appropriate to produce strength. However, this does not imply that you disregard high-rep sets in your strength training program. A study found that participants who were used to perform a traditional low rep strength training program leveled up their strength by 5% with the high rep sets. The underlying reasons for this progress remain unclear to the experts. But, the speculation says it is because of the high rep training’s higher growth hormone (HGH) stimulation that marks these gains.

Therefore, the second month of the 12-week strength training program is dedicated to the strength-building routine. Hitting five heavy rep sets and lighter sets of thirty reps by the end of each workout, except for the abs, can deliver an additional growth hormone spike. This will ultimately lead to denser muscle mass and more strength. Meanwhile, make sure you take 2-3 minutes of break in between the sets. Finally, in order to elicit the best hormonal and muscular response, the weights for your final 5-6 reps should be heavier enough to make the closing act challenging.

Month-3 The Strength Gain Finale

Month-3 The Strength Gain Finale

You have to make the finale of your strength training program worthwhile! You have to maximize your strength levels by gradually going higher with the weights. You can take the liberty to decrease the volume of your overall workouts as you begin the last phase with seven reps initially. Then gradually decrease the intensity, from six of six sets and rep to three of three in the final week. Performing three of three sets will offer you a barometer to measure your improvements.

Finally, in the 13th week, your body will stay fresh and ready for the gains test. This test will analyze your 3 repetition maximum or the 3RM capacity by performing any five significant strength lifts. Aren’t you proud of yourself for the 25% improvements in your workouts? So, with the same strength and form, carry on your strength-building journey.

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The Takeaway

Undoubtedly with 25% of progress in your muscle strength, you definitely must plan to go higher. As a result, you may take a week or two off after stepping into the cutting cycle at the end of the strength training program. But, if you wish to keep the muscle and strength gains intact, you may continue to add more strength and endurance to your new chiseled physique. If you listen close enough, your dumbbells are calling you! For any queries regarding how to level up again, you can seek professional advice from a gym trainer. If you’ve successfully made your way through the 12-week strength training program, let us know your experience and tips in the comments section below!

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