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5 Stringent Strongman Workouts

Stringent Strongman Workouts

With great strength comes great hard work. A strongman workout routine is tough to crack, but it is not impossible, even if you only preach a beginner workout routine. Expert trainers of strongman exercises reveal that even their best men faced difficulties like poor endurance when they started off with the strongman training program. However, they still insist on strongman training as it can improve cardiovascular capacity and boost core strength. Moreover, they suggest that a strongman workout can expose all your body weaknesses and connect its dots for you to overcome them. Strongman exercises like log presses, keg runs, one-arm presses, and more can show up your leg, spinal erector, and back problems. A strongman workout is about lifting heavy weights rapidly. Therefore it boosts both strength and conditioning.

Fascinating right? Reaping all the benefits of a strongman training program doesn’t only mean dropping your entire routine as you know it. You simply need to dedicate your motivation and add some or all of the following strongman exercises recommended by experts. The prescribed strongman workout can fit perfectly into your upper/lower split workout routine.

Strongman Exercises List

If you are a novice for strongman exercises, it is highly recommended to hire a professional trainer. A professional trainer can correctly supervise your posture and form during your split workout routine. Since you will lift up to 100% of your one-repetition maximum, appropriate form and execution are critical to avoid injury as you hit strongman exercises. If you are familiar with any strongman workout, it is still better to have someone spot you or doing exercises along with them in front of a mirror so that you can evaluate your form.

Enormous stamina is needed to perform those insane feats recommended by the champions of the strongman workout routine. That is why the following strongman exercises are imperative to gain strength and endurance.

1. Monster Dumbbell Press

Monster Dumbbell Press

The key benefits of this strongman workout include the building of core, grip, and shoulder strength. In addition, it enhances the balance of the body, flexibility and develops power. You can also count the monster dumbbell press as a lat or bicep workout. Follow the below-given technique instructions to execute this strongman exercise correctly.

  • Take a heavy, thick-handled “monster” dumbbell with intensive mobility. Pull it up to your shoulder from the floor. Then, gradually swing it up with only the one working arm using momentum. If you face too much discomfort, use the off-hand/arm to help lift it.
  • Perform a push press by pointing the front of the dumbbell upwards as you lift it from the shoulder. Drive the weight overhead with full-arm extension, lean back as you should, especially if the dumbbell is too heavy. With the feet at a shoulder-width apart, fix your feet solidly on the floor. Of course, you can counterbalance with your non-working arm up to the side for the proper form.
  • Then, you have to allow the dumbbell to fall back down to your shoulder and then finally to the floor. If you perform this strongman workout at the gym, you can take a heavy dumbbell with a thick grip.
  • Also, if you are working on an upper-body press, then perform monster dumbbell press before bench press, but if you are striving for strength training, do them after bench presses. Try to complete 3 sets of this strongman workout with 8 reps per arm.

2. Keg Run

Keg Run

Keg run is a strongman workout that gradually builds your body’s core and overall strength along with optimum body conditioning. Go through the below-given technique cues to execute this strongman exercise correctly.

  • Take a keg and fill it with sand, cement, or water, or a mixture of all of them.
  • Pick the top of the keg with the hand on which you have better control. Grab the bottom of the keg with the opposite hand. Bring it up to your chest and then lean back against your stomach and chest.
  • Now brace yourself to run as fast as you can, holding the heavy keg in your hand. Don’t forget you have to maintain a leaned-back torso throughout this time and distance. So your hips stay ahead of your shoulders.
  • You can use a sandbag or a heavy boxing bag if you cannot arrange a keg.
  • You can perform this strongman workout during the entire body transformation workout as a conditioning routine.

3. Thick-Bar Lat Pulldown

Thick-Bar Lat Pulldown

The thick bar lat pulldown strengthens the upper back but surely doesn’t neglect the lower back. In addition, it is also excellent to improve your grip strength and work on the biceps and brachialis muscles. Observe the below-given technique directions to execute this strongman exercise accurately.

  • Take a thick lat pulldown bar and grab it while leaning back a bit at the torso.
  • Use a heavyweight and start with the arms upwards.
  • Pull the bar up to the chest and then return to the initial extended position.
  • In case you cannot get your hands on a thick bar, wrap around a towel on a lats bar.
  • To add effects of workouts like log presses, keep wapping the movement with a neutral grip pulldown.
  • You can add this strongman workout to your back exercise regimen with 4 sets of 8-10 reps.

4. Log Press

Log Press

This strongman exercise allows you to develop gigantic power as you train and strengthen your core, shoulder, triceps, and lats with this specific workout. Follow the below-given technique instructions to execute this strongman workout correctly.

  • Keeping the logs on the ground, grab the handles.
  • Get the logs up to your hips and then to the chest keeping the elbows high.
  • Now, squeeze the lats and drive the log overhead with full extension.
  • Reverse the steps and lower the log back on the ground.
  • If you want to perform this type of strongman exercise at the gym, use heavy dumbbells with a neutral grip overhead.
  • Log press is an excellent upper body press workout; however, make sure you pick the weight from a rack or any elevated position and not from the ground if you have any leg or back problems.

5. One-Arm Cable Row

One-Arm Cable Row

If you have aced the entire sit-ups or crunches debate, it’s time for you to level up for sure. The one-arm cable row is a strongman workout that can build enormous brachialis and back strength once you have sorted your abs.

  • While you may need a gym trainer to guide you for proper position and form, begin by sitting on the cable row station and gripping a cable attachment in one hand.
  • Lean forward in an entirely stretched position and pull the handle with your elbow tucked at your side.
  • Now squeeze the lat muscles and let your torso extend perpendicular to the floor by the end of the rep.
  • When you get on the initial position, switch arms and repeat the movement with 3 sets of 8-10 reps.


The strongman workouts can be event-specific; however, make sure your body resonates with the training extent. If you miss on this crucial tip, your body will terribly lack proper rest and nutrition vital for strength. Therefore avoid adding extra workout days and consume plenty of protein to ensure muscle recovery. Check out Utsaha by Nature Sutra that can cover almost all of your muscle nutrition needs. Once you ace your standard gym routine, then only give yourself a chance to develop a strongman workout routine. Remember, your physical condition should be absolutely fit when you hit for a strongman workout. To avoid any injury risks and technique blunders, consult a professional trainer to guide you for the strongman training.

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