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The Ultimate Workout Plan For Beginners – A Weekly Program

The Ultimate Workout Plan For Beginners

Are you looking for workout routines for beginners but are clueless about where to start? Then, you have come to the right place for a lean, mean beginner workout plan! It’s time to stop cursing the inch tape and the weighing machine. Whether you are a newbie to workouts or someone who deals with health issues through exercises, you have to learn about the beginner workout program properly to ace the fitness game. This workout program for beginners includes some of the best and easiest workouts.

The first thing to learn when you get into the workout for beginners is to have patience. Yes, the big bodybuilders you see have employed a lot of time in performing bodyweight workouts and developing those cuts. Therefore, the initial three months of the beginner workout program are critical for gearing up the fitness routine. But, we’ve got a surprise for you! It is really not necessary to wait for so long to attain results for the beginner’s workout routine. If you can just manage to get through the first month of workout for beginners, you can manage the speed breakers of the journey.

Workout For Beginners- What is it?

Before we get to the weekly workout routine for beginners, you should know what the plan actually is. The beginner workout guide incorporates the full-body workouts but in a phased manner. This is why the first month of the beginner workout plan is highly demanding as well as progressive. It is not demanding in an abrasive sense but is progressive as it hits both volume and intensity with the beginner workout exercises.

The initial days of the workout plan for beginners will train you for strength and endurance and also begins sculpting the body. You can also modify the fitness pan for beginners as per your current fitness and health status. Also, there are many workout plans for beginners are available these days. Therefore, it is wise to gear up from the basic to intermediate and then intermediate to advanced levels of workout plans.

Thus this program of workouts for beginners is not only for people stepping into the gym or training for the first time but also for those who took a long leave from the regular workouts. All you need to ensure to stick to this beginner’s workout guide is to stay dedicated and disciplined. So, if you are among any of the two categories, this workout for beginners guide will surely get you back on track!

Beginner Workout Plan-

You do not want to jump to the advanced level of exercises when you get into the workout for beginners. You can and have to keep it simple. One set with 15-20 reps of each exercise that works the entire body is sufficient for your beginner workout plan. You can then gradually add the exercises and go up with the weights to level up your beginner workout routine. Do not forget to have a warm-up before you follow any workout routine for beginners.

Most of the popular workouts for beginners involve compound movements that hit multiple muscle groups simultaneously so that the whole body works efficiently. For example, for a big biceps workout, the workout for beginners suggests exercises such as barbell rows and chin-ups. Similarly, for triceps, beginners can include bench press and overhead press into their workout schedule. Also, to grow abs and forearms, you have to practice deadlifts, and target quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, abs, etc., try squats with variations. Perform 3 workouts per week when you follow the workout for beginners and always keep one day as a rest day between workouts.

The Weekly Workout Plan For Beginners-

This weekly workout plan for beginners is for entry-level individuals. This exercise routine will work on cardiovascular working as well as strength training. This workout for beginners is thus both easy and effective for people who want to lose weight, gain muscle, and increase stamina.

Workout For Beginners- A Weekly Plan

WEEK 1 of The Workout for Beginners-

The first week includes a full-body workout for beginners. You have to pick one exercise for each body part and continue to put each body part at work for the first three days. This full-body workout for beginners is also known as a full-body training split. Working three days in the first week, you have to take a day off between each workout day to let the body recover itself. Here is a sample of workout sessions you can follow as a beginner:

  • Barbell back squats- 8-12 reps of 3 sets
  • Pull-ups/chin-ups- 8-12 reps of 3 sets
  • Overhead Press (seated or standing, dumbbell or barbell)- 8-12 reps of 3 sets
  • Dumbbell single-arm row- 8-12 reps of 3 sets
  • Bench press (dumbbell or barbell)- 8-12 reps of 3 sets

If you begin on a Monday, you have to follow this workout routine for beginners on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with Saturday and Sunday being the rest days.

These exercises for the beginner workout routine are a collection of basic moves and machine exercises. You should begin with this combination because this will boost your long-term muscular as well as strength goals. However, before choosing your workout exercise being a beginner, study them properly.

This week, you have to perform three sets of every exercise in each workout, which will add up to nine sets total for every body part at the end of the week. This s a good exercise volume for a beginner’s workout routine. Except for the abs-focused exercise, you should try to cover 8-12 reps each set. From amateurs to expert bodybuilders, all swear by this technique of workout routine for beginners.

Follow the technique of “reverse pyramids” when you perform the workouts for beginners. Meaning, the first set calls for 8 reps, the second for 10, and the final one for 12. Here you decrease the weight for each set to finish up the higher rep count.

WEEK 2 of The Workout Routine For Beginners-

Just a week of the workout for beginners will enable you to train different parts of your body. The second week of the routine includes 4 days of workouts where there is a split in the category of exercises. For example, you will follow the upper boy workout two days and the other two days lower body workouts on alternate days of this week. This way, each body part will be put at work twice into this week. The remaining days of the second week of the workout for beginners’ routine will be the recovery days.

You can carry forward some exercises from week 1 to week 2 of the workout plan for beginners, except those relating to abs. This will provide you with opportunities to train your body parts with multiple angles. For instance, to work the chest, you can give a try to the below-given workouts as a beginner-

  • Dumbbell Bench Press– This workout for beginners mainly focuses on the shoulders and elbows, working on large parts of the body muscles.
  • Dumbbell Flye– This is a great isolation exercise for the pecs to add to the workout routine for beginners. It involves shoulder joints and works rigorously on the pecs.

This week again, you have to employ a reverse pyramid scheme of reps. But, try to go up with the reps when you perform the third set of each exercise. Fifteen reps may be too much for the ideal beginner muscle-building range. However, this will help you gradually increase muscular endurance and provide a solid foundation to build size and strength as you progress with the workout plan for beginners.

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WEEK 3 of the Workout Plan For Beginners

The third week of the workout for beginners program, you have to step up a three-day training split:

Day 1– Train all “pushing” body parts such as chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Day 2– Hit all the “pulling” body areas such as the back, biceps, and abs.

Day 3– Put the lower body at work. Target quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves.

You will have to hit the gym 6 days this week so that you can work out on each body part twice.

In the third week of the workout plan for beginners, you will add one new exercise for each body part to target muscle growth holistically. Each muscle group will be at work with two exercises of 3­–4 sets each. Try to complete 4 sets for large body parts such as chest, shoulders, back, quads, etc., and finish up with some ideal shoulder workouts for men. For smaller body parts such as biceps, abs, triceps, and calves, you can go with 3 sets. As a result, you will complete 16 total sets for the week for large body parts and 12 sets for smaller ones. Do you notice how substantially far you will come from the initial 8-12 reps?

WEEK 4 of the Beginners Workout Guide

In the program’s final week, you will work out for four days and train the abs and calves twice. The rest of the parts will workout out just once in the final week of the beginner’s workout guide. This is known as the four-day splits among bodybuilders and is very famous, as it involves training fewer parts of the body (2-3 per workout). This workout routine for beginners provides each muscle group with appropriate attention and helps you gain higher muscle volume.

The pairing of body parts is common both with novices and advanced bodybuilders. For example, the chest is done with triceps, quads with hamstring, back with biceps, and shoulders will workout alongside. Calves and abs require multiple training per week; therefore, try to hit them alternately this week. The focus of the week is intensity and resistance; thus, you do not need new exercises for this week.

However, the volume of sets should increase this week as you have to take more individual exercises. Try to hit 5 sets for bigger body parts and 10 sets for calves. This will ensure ample muscle growth, for which you were striving since the first week of the workout plan for beginners. Once you are done with the four weeks of the workout routine for beginners, you may go up to the advanced level of muscle training.

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Workout for beginners is not a cakewalk for sure. You have to motivate and exert yourselves a bit to gain the spirit to establish a profound weekly workout routine. Along with this, the right technique for the beginner’s workout as per your body type is also crucial. If you have any health or diet restrictions, you have to be picky about the exercises your workout routine will incorporate. To be sure about the right workout plan and exercises for you, you must consult a professional trainer before starting with the workout plan for beginners. Although the workout plan for beginners in this article will put your body at work the best way, it’s always better to have a subjective approach when it comes to health and fitness. So, if you give our weekly plan for beginners a try, we would love to know your thoughts on it too!

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